These Short-Hair Trends Are About to Be All Over Your Instagram Feed

Have you ever noticed how hair trends come about? It's a lot like fashion. They often start on the runways on the likes of the Bella Hadids and Kendall Jenners of the world. And it's not long before said hairstyles make their rounds within the fashion set. Soon after the fashion set adopts them, those same looks flood your Instagram feed like a tidal wave. Then, like clockwork, one such hairstyle eventually makes an appearance on your own mane.

Since we're well into spring by now, we've already taken note of the most prominent looks primed to be the next hairstyles you can't get off your mind—or your social media feed. And lucky for you, we're putting you in a position to take on the coolest short-hair trends before everyone adds them to their Pinterest boards. Think French girl–inspired cuts, retro vibes, and bangs, so many bangs. Scroll through for 10 hair trends you should know before your next salon visit, and yes, they're all perfect for your short strands.

1. The Micro-Cut


(Image credit: @alyssainthecity)

You might associate this short pixie with Mia Farrow in the '60s horror film Rosemary's Baby, but this short cut is nothing short of award winning, even today. Ace the look with a few face-framing whispies and work in a texturizing balm for a modern, piecey look.


(Image credit: @aysha.sow)

We love how a simple bandana tied at the nape of the neck with micro-bangs hanging out the front looks for those vacation or summer styles.

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2. The French-Girl Pickup


(Image credit: @cassdimicco)

There's a certain je ne sais quoi about a somewhat messy, too-cool-to-care half-up hairstyle on short hair. The trick is to pull your hair straight back with your fingers and tame flyaways with a spritz of hair spray.


(Image credit: @bettinalooney)

Go Dior with a black bow at the base of your pony.

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3. Shag with Bangs


(Image credit: @lefevrediary)

A bit more '70s looking, this chin-length bob with shaggy bangs feels all kinds of groovy.


(Image credit: @alyssainthecity)

It's a common misconception that a short pixie cut can't boast tons of texture, volume, and movement. Basically the updated version of a '20s flapper look, this modern-day take fuses Old Hollywood waves with a fresh shape and a cute fringe. Get the look by blow-drying with the barrel attachment of the cult-favorite Dyson Airwrap Styler.

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4. Blunt Bob


(Image credit: @basicstouch)

The bob is well on its way to becoming the top hair trend of the decade, and a blunt chop that hits about chin length looks incredibly chic. Add a slight bend in it for texture with a large-barrel curling iron.


(Image credit: @xbibigul)

The straight-across cut is a key element, so be sure to ask your stylist to go super blunt with your chop.

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5. The Messy Low Bun


(Image credit: @deborabrosa)

When you're looking to pull your hair back in a fashion-person way, a center part paired with a low bun and face-framing waves is the way to do it. Secure with a claw clip for a '90s twist.


(Image credit: @xbibigul)

Summer, here we come.

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6. Natural Curls


(Image credit: @emmanuellek_)

Natural hair textures aren't exactly a trend, but we love to see hair enthusiasts embracing their natural curl and coil patterns. We love this short hairstyle paired with textured bangs—just be sure to keep a nourishing oil in your product rotation to keep your curls hydrated and bouncy.


(Image credit: @thatcurlytop)

Put the hot tools down—these curly bangs are everything.

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7. Supermodel Layers


(Image credit: @aysha.sow)

A bit '90s, the layered look styled in a bouncy blowout with bent ends is reminiscent of supermodel glory days. Recreate the look by blowing out your hair with a large round brush. The bigger the brush, the bigger the bounce. If you find yourself struggling with a blowout, consider an electric round brush that dries your hair as you brush.


(Image credit: @isabellecoheen)

Layers look good windswept, too.

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8. The Retro Bob


(Image credit: @justinemarjan)

Sleek and straight with an outward bend at the end is the way to style your bob as of late. The retro-feeling flipped-out bob is cute with hair accessories or simple and bare. Get the perfect flip by sliding a straightener from roots to ends, rolling outward to create that vintage curl.


(Image credit: @justinemarjan)

Take the retro look up a notch with a slicked-down side bang.

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9. Second-Day (or Third-Day) Hair


(Image credit: @erinoffduty)

More of an accessory-pairing trend, hiding a short bob under a baseball cap is currently flooding our social feeds. The best part is it hides all traces of greasy roots or bad hair days.


(Image credit: @jordanrisa)

We love how the cap trend transcends all dress codes. It goes just as well with a slip dress as it does with gym gear.

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10. Curtain Bangs


(Image credit: @karolinebeltner)

A French-girl cut if we've ever seen one, the bob-and-curtain-bangs pairing oozes Brigitte Bardot vibes. Get the sexy texture Bardot is known for by spritzing dry shampoo from roots to ends—yes, even on clean hair.


(Image credit: @karolinebeltner)

For the perfect curtain bangs, part them in the center and have them cut to hit right around eye level.

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