6 Princess Diana Denim Outfit Formulas That Look Cooler Than Ever

If you were to visit an exhibition celebrating Princess Diana's fashion legacy, most of the attention would be placed on her Dior handbags, her little black "revenge dress" and the other gowns she wore for those headline-making moments. Though a pair of simple, relaxed jeans would rarely be featured in a retrospective exhibition of the fashion icon, how she wore denim is not just a source of style inspiration—it's significant too.

She ushered in a more-relaxed take on royal dressing (straight-leg jeans paired with sportswear was key to the relatable Princess Di's wardrobe). In fact, many of her off-duty outfits remain timeless and look just as good today as they did in the '90s. Keep scrolling to see and shop her six denim looks that remain relevant today.


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1. Boxy Blazer + Baseball Cap


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Style Notes: This Princess Diana outfit is very Balenciaga circa 2017, and an outfit we still regularly see on our Instagram feeds. We love how her straight-leg blue jeans look with her sweatshirt, boxy blazer and slogan hat.

2. White Jeans + White Roll-Neck


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Style Notes: This Diana look is very "I have a Kensington postcode," as the ecru roll-neck tucked into matching jeans is a timeless (and expensive-looking) outfit.

3. Lemon Dungarees + Vintage Floral Shirt


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Style Notes: This is one of Diana's most experimental denim looks, as she wore faded lemon dungarees over a pastel floral shirt.

4. White Sweatshirt + Straight-Leg Jeans


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Style Notes: Diana is making us want to wear our straight leg jeans with a simple white sweatshirt.

5. White Shirt + Relaxed Jeans


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Style Notes: In August 1997, Princess Diana visited Bosnia to raise awareness about landmines with a three-day visit. On the trip, she wore one of her most relaxed, but memorable, outfits: a white shirt, blue jeans and Tod's loafers. She arrived on the trip in a similar elegant denim look, wearing black jeans with a pink Ralph Lauren shirt.

6. Leather + Black Denim


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Style Notes: For her day on the log flumes at Thorpe Park, Diana wore slightly faded black jeans with brown suede Chelsea boots and a black leather puffer jacket.

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Emma Spedding