Women Who Look Young for Their Age Tend to Wear This Outfit Formula

When you hear the word anti-ageing, skincare is probably the first thing that comes to mind, right? And while it's certainly an essential part of looking younger, there are also some sartorial steps you can take to achieve that anti-ageing effect. When you see a woman who looks young for her age, it's often due to a combination of things. She might wear a certain shoe style, for example. But if we're talking big picture, it's the overall outfits that these women have to thank for their youthful appearance.

In an effort to find the exact outfit formula that young-looking women wear on repeat, we turned to a woman with more than a few good outfit ideas up her statement sleeves: Rachael Wang. The NYC-based stylist and creative consultant (and former fashion director of Allure) is also a street style star whose outfits we look forward to seeing every time fashion month comes around. As predicted, Wang knew the perfect age-defying outfit stylish women turn to, and we couldn't agree with her more.

Read on to get Wang's thoughts on the subject, and then shop the outfit she suggests, see it in action and explore additional pieces to re-create the formula.


"Women who look young for their age tend to dress more casually and aren't afraid to show some unexpected skin. Jeans, trainers or easy sandals and a feminine top that highlights shoulders and arms are go-tos. Jewellery and make-up should be kept to a bare minimum to accentuate a glowing complexion."

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Pictured Above: Caroline Constas Lorena Blouse (£318); Apiece Apart High-Waist Bootcut Jeans (£255); Ancient Greek Sandals Thais Sandals in Natural (£130); Meadowlark Jewellery Taboo Hoop Earrings (£329); Immunocologie Super 7 Elixir Face Serum (£240).

The Outfit in Action:


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Allyson Payer
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