9 Simple Ways to Make Yourself Look Put-Together at All Times

Right now, I have a load of washing that's been sitting in the machine for over five hours, a passport to renew, a fridge that's basically empty and a letter sitting on my desk that I wrote over a week ago that I'm yet to post. My point? It's hard to have everything together at all times. Some weeks, I fly through my to-do list with ease, have a clean house, and I've messaged all of my friends back on WhatsApp. Others? Even the bare minimum seems like a chore. I can't magic away all the tasks you might have at hand, but I can help you make it look as if you've got yourself together by way of your outfits. Interested? I thought you might be. 


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As a fashion editor, one of the questions I'm most commonly asked by my friends, family and readers is how to look put-together—like you wake up looking effortlessly elevated each and every day. So I decided to pool my knowledge on the subject to create a handy list for you to consider. Of course, looking "put-together" will mean different things to different people, but I invite you to cherry-pick from the below whatever resonates with you the most. With that, scroll on to read my tips on how to look put-together, even when you feel anything but. 

1. Use Accessories to Elevate 


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Style Notes: Accessories are powerful things that can make or break an outfit. While I'm all for creative accoutrement combinations, should you find yourself in any doubt, pare things back and stick to the classics. A leather belt with sleek hardware will give off-the-hanger trousers more personality, while an elegant watch makes any outfit feel more polished. 

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2. Get Acquainted With a Clothes Steamer 


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Style Notes: When I asked my esteemed colleagues what they believed the key to looking put-together was, there was a resounding answer: steam, press or iron your clothes. My weapon of choice is the former, as it tends to be gentler on delicate fabrications. A wrinkled outfit, no matter how expensive it might have been to purchase, will always pale in comparison to a crisp ensemble.

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3. Know Where to Spend Your Money 


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Style Notes: As our conversation continued, it became clear that, sometimes, all you need is one piece to make the rest of your outfit work in synergy. The majority outfit can be borne from the high street (as 99% of mine are), but layer in an investment handbag or classic blazer, and everything looks more premium by association. So, yes, knowing where to save and spend your money is crucial. 

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4. Stick to One Metal Tone


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Style Notes: It's entirely acceptable and can be incredibly stylish to mix the metals within your jewellery and accessories, but should you find yourself in any doubt, sticking to one tone, be it gold or silver, will subtly tie your entire look together. Thus you'll be more put-together. 

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5. Bulk Out Your Basics


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Style Notes: We're advocates for investing in sound basics, and while spending more doesn't always mean you're getting better quality, in some instances, it does. Always shop within your means and get the best that you can afford—even if it's upgrading that £9 T-shirt to a £15 style. Check the composition on all of your basics, and make sure you're getting natural fabrics or, at the very least, fabrications with longevity. Elevated-looking basics can form the basis for your best outfits, so it pays to get them right. 

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6. De-Bobble Your Knitwear 


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Style Notes: One of the easiest ways to make your outfits look glossy and put-together is by taking care of the pieces that come together to make them. Take knitwear, for example. After a few wears, you'll start to notice little bobbles form in the areas that receive natural friction. Invest in a clothes shaver to keep them looking their best, and in turn, you will, too.

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7. Keep Your Shoes Looking Fresh


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Style Notes: They say that shoes say a lot about the wearer, and while I could never judge someone for having small scuffs or marks on their footwear (I'm hard on my feet, so I'm often "that girl"), I do think there's something to be said for looking after your footwear and its correlation with having a put-together aesthetic. "I try to avoid commuting in my best shoes," says Who What Wear branded content editor Rebecca Rhys-Evans. "I tend to carry them in a tote and switch over when I get to the office." That way, you're not subjecting them to unnecessary wear and they'll look fresher for longer. You should also keep on top of repairs—it wouldn't be the first time that I've walked in shoes missing a heel tip and ruined them. For leather and suede, invest in all the brushes, oils and sprays you need to protect and preserve them. 

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8. Pay Attention to Fit 


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Style Notes: This is going to sound very out of touch, but I'm genuinely on first-name terms with my tailor. Not because I have the budget to have my fineries made from scratch (I wish) but because I was tired of the ill-fitting clothes in my price range I'd often resort to. The high-street seldom creates varieties of fits, and finding perfect-fitting vintage finds is a rarity, so enlisting the help of a professional to help make them fit properly is key for me. I often get dresses and trousers tailored—I probably spend £15 to have the waist altered or £8 for hems to be heightened. No doubt about it, the pieces I do decide to take to the tailor are always my most-complimented.

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9. Hone Your Colour Palette 


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Style Notes: I'd like to make something clear: You can wear colour and look put-together. It is possible. However, whenever I'm asked for my opinion on the subject, I always advise sticking to the rule of three: limiting an outfit to three colours. This helps to balance out the overall impact of your outfit as opposed to drawing the eye in every direction. You know what I'm going to say—this will help you look put-together. Of course, you could also streamline your wardrobe, honing the colours as you go to create a truly interchangeable capsule, but fashion should be fun, and if fun to you means colour, definitely keep it in there. 

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Maxine Eggenberger
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