Pink! Bows! Sequins! 3 Pretty Trends That Dominated the Golden Globes


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It's official...we're in the midst of award season! Love it or hate it, one can't deny that awards ceremonies are a central part of the culture. After all, what other events in life allow us to celebrate fashion, films, and fabulous people all in one place? Or, at the very least, have an excuse to binge-watch that television show everyone's been discussing? Award ceremonies have always played a pivotal role in telling us what's important now, or at least that's very much the case with the Golden Globes. With this awards ceremony, we're seeing what's important both on-screen and on the red carpet, too. 

Golden Globes fashion has often given us a glimpse into what's happening in broader pop culture; this year is no exception to that rule. We saw celebrities across the board embrace one of the biggest fashion trends of the moment: "girlhood." Characterised as a fashion aesthetic that dabbles in the nostalgia surrounding clothing associated with being a young girl, it's often embodied through bows, sequins, and pretty shades. One might argue that this aesthetic's popularity is because of the award-winning film Barbie, but we digress. Because no matter how this trend gained traction, it's clear that it's taken over everything... red carpet included. 

In an effort to show just how prevalent the fashion aesthetic has become, we've rounded up 13 looks that each tap into it and, in doing so, have identified the three key trends that were most-worn by celebrities on the carpet this season. 

1. Hot Girls in Hot Shades

You couldn't possibly pay homage to the fashion trend without the colours pink and red. When it comes to embracing this fashion aesthetic, these two colours play a pivotal role in shaping the look. So it's no surprise that we saw so many celebrities donning the signature hues on this year's Golden Globes Red Carpet. Keep scrolling to see all the hot girls in the season's hottest shades. 


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WHO: Julianne Moore


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WHO: Margot Robbie


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WHO: Ayo Edebiri



WHO: Jennifer Lopez


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WHO: Danielle Brooks

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2. Put a Bow On It

The second trend on the red carpet that tapped right into the "girlhood" fashion aesthetic? Bows. We saw this ultra-pretty detail put from and centre at this year's Golden Globes; keep scrolling to see for yourself...


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WHO: Hailee Steinfeld


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WHO: Elle Fanning


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WHO: Amanda Seyfried


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WHO: Reese Witherspoon


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WHO: Billie Eilish


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WHO: Rachel Brosnahan

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3. Sequins, Appilqués, Embellishments, Oh My! 

Lastly, we'd be remiss if we didn't at least mention all of the sequins, appliqués, and embellishments spotted on the Golden Globes red carpet. While we can always expect celebrities to wear sparkly things for an awards ceremony, with so many of the looks featuring ultra-pretty details, it's clear the girls wouldn't miss out on their chance to dress up.


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WHO: Taylor Swift


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WHO: America Ferrera


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WHO: Meryl Streep


(Image credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

WHO: Emma Stone


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WHO: Dua Lipa

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