Trust Me—These Are the 16 Best Products From Drunk Elephant

It’s no exaggeration to say that when Drunk Elephant launched in the UK back in October 2018, skincare obsessives shed a collective tear. Gone were the end of beauty junkies having to beg friends, family and colleagues to bring back a piece of the clean-beauty action from any and all trips across the Atlantic—the much-hyped Instagram brand was finally on British shores. But it isn’t just beauty insiders and editors whose heads have been turned by the buzz of this trending beauty brand—it's our fashion friends and style influencers, too.

So, what's the appeal? Maybe it's something to do with the chic packaging (neon lids that pop against stark white tubes) or Drunk Elephant's laid-back approach to application that. Encouraging consumers to cocktail their products, all of the Drunk Elephant skincare can be mixed and matched as you see fit for a personalised approach to your beauty routine.


(Image credit: @JEANNINE.ROXAS)

Whatever the reason, there's no doubting the brand's popularity. In fact, Drunk Elephant is the fastest-growing skincare brand in Sephora's history and continues to be its best-selling skincare line. So where should you start if you're new to the brand?

With prices ranging from £15 for a lip balm to £76 for a glycolic serum, I decided to break down every product in the range to give you the full lowdown on what the products do, how you should use them and how they've worked out for me. Keep scrolling for the full skincare scoop.





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Mica Ricketts