Celebrities Won't Stop Wearing Puddle Pants—I've Found the Best Pairs Out There

Five years ago, if someone told me that cropped trousers would be passé in just a few years, I don't know that I would have believed it. At 5'4", I'm used to spending a good amount of time and money at the tailor or shopping for trousers with an inseam of 28 inches or fewer. But now it's 2024, and it's all about extra-long puddle pantsCelebrities have been solidifying the importance of this trend more and more every day.

Puddle pants are pretty much exactly how they sound: ultra-long trousers (or jeans) that pool around the ankles, dragging on the floor. Trousers dragging on the floor isn't really music to my ears, but a trend is a trend, and you can always wear heels to minimise the dragging. But some celebs, such as Zoë Kravitz, are embracing the puddle and even wearing flats with it. Others, such as Kate Middleton and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are wearing them with their highest heels. Whatever your shoe preference, puddle pants are one of the biggest trouser trends of 2023 and are set to continue through to 2024. Scroll on to see which stylish celebs are wearing, and shop my favourite puddly pairs. 


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On Zoë Kravitz: The Row Zipped Boot 1 Suede boots (£1290)

Style Notes: Zoë Kravitz wore her puddle pants with flats (well, flatforms) to make them extra puddly. 


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On Bella Hadid: Prada vintage bag

Style Notes: Bella Hadid's jeans (which she also wears with flats) formed the perfect pool around her ankles.


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On Kate Middleton: Jigsaw pants; Anderson's Leather Belt (£105); Emmy London Josie Pumps (£445)

Style Notes: Kate Middleton has worn her share of cropped pants in the past, but she seems to have gotten the puddle-pants memo.


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On Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Wardrobe.NYC Trousers with Prada Raffia Tote Bag (£1600)

Style Notes: Rosie HW never fails in the outfit department. This simple puddle pant and matching shirt look is one to copy immediately. 


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On Gigi Hadid: Guest In Residence Barn Jacket 

Style Notes: This borrowed from your grandpa outfit is giving off geek chic vibes. How good do the cashmere trousers look with a two-tone loafer? 


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On Sienna Miller: Everlane The Cashmere Oversized Turtleneck (£235)

Style Notes: See, you can wear pastels in winter. Sienna makes a case for candy colours with lilac puddle pants and a sugary sweet pink knit, and we're fully on-board. 


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On Dua Lipa: Vintage T-shirt. 

Style Notes: Keeping the look casual, Dua wears her jeans low-slung and baggy at the bottom. A logo tee and leather blazer complete the nod to the 90s look. 


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On Kaia Gerber: Prada coat; Celine bag and sunglasses; Adidas sneakers

Style Notes: Kaia Gerber is a puddle-pants pro, often wearing them with polished pieces and sneakers.

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