Not All Body Scrubs Are Made Equal—These Are the Ones Beauty Editors Rate

I’ll be completely honest—I used to be pretty lax when it came to my body-care regime. While I was slathering my face with cleanser, toner, moisturiser and SPF, my body would watch on from the sidelines, feeling well and truly ghosted. I mean, can you blame me? In the colder months the last thing I want to do is stand nakey nakey naked (one for my Rhi Rhi fans) while I cover every inch of my body in cream. 

However, as I’ve entered my late twenties, I recently had a word with myself and said "enough is enough!” I really have no excuse, especially as I often get sent such beautiful body-care products to try. I vowed to make a change and never leave my body on unread again––and boy have I seen a difference. And the one body-care product I have entered into a pretty serious relationship with is the humble body scrub. Before body creams, serums, oils and lotions come into the equation, it’s important to have a good base to work with, and that’s why I now consider a body scrub to be a non-negotiable in my beauty regime.

Below, I've rounded up my favourite body scrubs out there, as well as tapped the experts for all the info on why a body scrub is well worth investing in. 

Why use a body scrub?

"The skin’s natural desquamation process (shedding of dead cells) happens daily,” explains Elizabeth King, holistic facialist and skincare expert for Weleda. "But as we age or even the changing season from winter into spring, means this process may be sluggish and in need of a little help.

"A weekly body scrub can do wonders for instant revitalisation of the skin, stimulating circulation and thereby encouraging cellular activity. Your skin feels instantly softer and smoother and you’ll find you use less body lotion while also having a better moisturising result.”


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If you’re also a religious tanner like me––shout-out to my fake tan Thursday crew––, it really is a step you shouldn’t overlook. Creating a faux glow on the likes of Amy Jackson, Lilah Parsons and Vogue Williams, Celebrity tan artist Nadine Sereaton says preparation is key. "It helps unclog the pores and also prevents ingrown hairs and razor bumps so the skin is smoother and your tan will be a lot more even.” Sereaton notes that if you're using a scrub that contains oil pre-fake tan, rinse off thoroughly with soap or shower gel so it doesn't create a barrier.

How to use a body scrub

"To get the most out of your scrub, lightly dampen you skin under the shower,” says King. "Turn the shower head off and with circular movements work up your limbs towards your heart. Create circles over the tummy in a clock-wise direction and down the sides of your back onto the buttocks. Turn the shower head back on and use sweeping movements towards your heart to rinse.” If you’re prepping before fake tan, Sereaton says to focus on dry areas like the elbows, knees, around the ankles and feet.

Keep scrolling for eight body scrubs recommended by the experts and yours truly. 

1. Frank Body Coconut Body Scrub

2. Sanctuary Spa Signature Natural Oils Salt Scrub

3. Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Body Scrub

4. Weleda Birch Body Scrub

5. Ouai Scalp & Body Scrub

6. Suzanne Kaufmann Refining Body Scrub

7. Kate Somerville Exfolikate Resurfacing Body Scrub

8. Omorovicza Gold Sugar Scrub

9. Kora Organics Invigorating Body Scrub

10. Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish Exfoliator

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