I'm 35, and These 5 Beauty Products Take Years Off of My Appearance

We obviously talk about fashion trends a lot here on Who What Wear, but we're turning the tables today and focusing on beauty product trends. While they may not move as quickly and be as abundant as fashion trends, they're all around us. Face mists, matte lip creams, bronzer and brightening serums (just to name a few) were once made by just one brand, and upon their success, many others followed suit.

So what does this have to do with me? Although I'm a fashion editor, I love beauty product trends and have even found a few new beauty products that I plan on using for life. I'm in my mid-30s and skincare is very important to me, so I'll try anything that claims to have results. These five product categories, in particular, have become permanent fixtures in my routine, as they seem to turn back time. Scroll on to shop the six beauty product trends I tried on a whim and now couldn't live without.

Gentle Retinols

After swearing off powerful retinol creams which destroyed my skin, I sought out gentle retinols that are very effective but suitable for someone with sensitive and/or dry skin, such as myself. 


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Brow Growth Serums

It's pretty shocking how much of a difference brows make in your appearance. When I started using Revitabrow, my brows practically doubled in size and it really softened my face. Just be sure to keep using it, as my brows do shed more and grow at a slower pace when I take a break from using it.


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Hand Masks

Hands definitely have a tendency to show one's age (especially mine, as I'm a frequent hand-washer), so I do everything that I can to replenish moisture—especially in the winter months. I started using hand masks about a year ago. Trust me—they really make a lasting difference.


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Water-Based Moisturizers

I like for my skin to look a bit dewy (but not greasy), and that's exactly what water creams excel at. I love that it spreads so easily and holds moisture in so skin stays supple for hours.


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Antioxidant Face Oils

It's no secret that antioxidants do wonders for the body and skin, and my favorite way of getting them is through a luxurious face oil. I apply Vintner's Daughter's Active Botanical Serum a couple of nights a week and wake up to find my dry patches banished and my dull, tired skin brighter.


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Allyson Payer
Senior Editor

Allyson is a senior editor for Who What Wear. She joined the company in 2014 as co-founder Katherine Power's executive assistant and over the years has written hundreds of stories for Who What Wear. Prior to her career in fashion, Allyson worked in the entertainment industry at companies such as Sony Pictures Television. Allyson is now based in Raleigh, North Carolina, and is originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She holds a BFA in theater. Her path to fashion may not have been linear, but based on the number of fashion magazines she collected as a child and young adult, it was meant to be.