The 8 Items That Will Help You Look a Little More Audrey Hepburn Every Day

We've long considered the late great film star Audrey Hepburn one of our greatest style icons. And her son Sean Ferrer told U.S. Vogue that tweens and teens now make up 50% of her fanbase, proving her style is truly timeless. "People have always talked about her grace [and wondered], What was the secret of her elegance? What was her system? What was her style?" he said, and these are questions he's planning on answering in a book about her style, which will be released in 2018. However if you can't wait to find out the answers, we're bringing you eight items that still look just as relevant decades later (and will make you look a little more Audrey each day). Keep scrolling to see and shop her signature pieces.

1. Cropped Trousers


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Style Notes: Audrey Hepburn loved her cropped cigarette trousers, either in black, gingham or a fun summer print. She wore them with either a white shirt or her signature black roll-neck, and always paired them with her flat ballet pumps.

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2. Black Roll-neck


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Style Notes: Audrey's Funny Face ensemble—black roll-neck, black pumps and black cropped trousers—is one of her most iconic looks, and 60 years later, it looks just as cool.

3. White Shirt


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Style Notes: Audrey famously wore an oversized white shirt to bed with her blue eye mask in Breakfast at Tiffany's; however, white shirting was a Hepburn signature. She didn't just wear the same fit, though, as she often played with different styles, from sleeveless to cropped linen shirts.

4. Little Black Dress


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Style Notes: Little black dresses are Audrey's signature item, and the black gown she wore to eat her breakfast in front of the window of Tiffany's on Fifth Avenue was made by Givenchy just for her.

5. Silk Scarf


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Style Notes: In Roman Holiday, Audrey wore a '50s-style midi skirt with a linen short-sleeved shirt and a silk scarf tied around her neck. She also often wore scarves around her head, so they're a key buy if you're hoping to look a little more Audrey. 

6. Ballet Pumps


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Style Notes: You might think that Kate Moss started the whole ballet pumps thing off in the '00s, but Audrey actually did it first.

7. Statement Sunglasses


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Style Notes: Audrey loved her statement sunglasses, and cat eyes were always her go-to. 

8. Trench Coat


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Style Notes: When you say the words "Holly Golightly," chances are that you're thinking of Audrey in a headscarf and belted trench coat. The star often wore classic trenches on and off-screen (earlier this year, Christie's auctioned one of her Burberry macs), and decades later, they still look just as timeless.

Emma Spedding