These Polarizing Shoes Are Ugg's #2 Best Sellers

For many people around the world, Ugg boots in the winter are not a trend—they're essential—so it makes sense that the brand's Classic Short boots are the number one best sellers on its site and probably always will be. It's the number two spot that's undeniably more interesting, though, and the Uggs that currently hold it aren't even boots—they're Fluff Yeahs.

Back in June, Ugg introduced the Fluff Year slides, and they quickly became the new coveted "ugly" shoes on the block. To start, on a scale of 1 to 10, the fluff level is an 11. The slides also feature a logo-emblazoned slingback strap, adding to the extra-ness of it all. Customers have clearly responded well to the shoes, as they've been number two every time we've checked recently, with 306 reviews and almost 5 stars to match.

Keep scrolling to see how the shoes look on the feet and to shop them for yourself, if you're so inclined (or, should we say, if you haven't already).

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