And Now, Our Ultimate Guide to Every Type of Bob Haircut

We may not yet be halfway through the year, but if we were to define 2023's main hair trends with one phrase, 'short hair don't care' would be it. Ever since Hailey Bieber cut her hair into her (now famous) box bob back in January, it seems that so many different types of bob haircut have been trending. From the uber-glamorous Italian bob to the low maintenance choppy bob, the classic sleek bob, and more adventurous styles like the micro bob and bubble bob, it's safe to say that short hair is well and truly on trend.


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If you're considering a change, but you don't know which type of bob haircut to opt for, you've come to the right place. Below, we've rounded up the key bob haircuts that are trending this year, with plenty of inspo to screenshot for your hairdresser.

1. Box Bob


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Popularised by Hailey Bieber's recent chop, the box bob sees hair cut at an angle, with the addition of subtle texturised layers.


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This is a great bob hairstyle to opt for if you have a natural wave or subtle curl to your hair.


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Ask your hairdresser to leave lengths a little longer at the front, then shape your ends inwards with straighteners to recreate this look.

2. Lob


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If you're growing out a recent bob or you're not yet brave enough to opt for a super short cut, try a long bob (also known as a lob).


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Ask for some layers to create texture and movement to keep your lob interesting.



The best thing about a lob is that it's short enough to style quickly, but long enough to style with some loose waves or curls.

3. Blunt Bob


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A blunt bob is all about a super sharp cut. You'll need to pay regular visits to your hair salon to maintain this style.


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Keep your length above your shoulders to show off the clean ends of a blunt bob.


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If you have naturally straight hair and prefer a low maintenance approach to haircare, a blunt bob is surprisingly easy to maintain. 

4. Italian Bob


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As seen on The White Lotus star Simona Tabasco, the Italian bob combines volume and shape for an old-school glamour effect.


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This style is a great way to enhance hair that naturally curls or already has a lot of volume.


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For a low maintenance, retro-style Italian bob, use a thickening cream or pomade to add volume to the ends.

5. Bubble Bob


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Bounce and a rounded shape characterise the bubble bob—a key hair trend for 2023.


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If your bob is super short, use wide-barreled curling tongs to add shape.

6. Micro Bob


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If you're considering a bob for the first time, a micro bob is the boldest route to take, but looks oh so chic.


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A micro bob paired with a micro fringe may sound scary, but if you want to try something totally new (and bang on trend), it's a match made in heaven.

7. Sleek Bob


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All you need is hair straighteners and a lightweight hair oil to turn your bob into this sophisticated and modern style.


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To create shape, use your straighteners to mould the ends of your hair inwards.


(Image credit: @CATLPATTERSON)

Chin length hair styled into a sleek bob is a great way to frame your face.

8. Choppy Bob


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Perhaps the most effortlessly easy of all bob hairstyles, the choppy bob is all about enhancing your hair's natural texture.


(Image credit: @ALEXACHUNG)

Ask your hairdresser for a cut with blunt ends and that allows movement through the lengths.


(Image credit: @KAITY_MODERN)

The choppy bob is one of our favourite ways to make subtle balayage or highlights pop.

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