I'm a Fashion Editor—Here's Everything I Want to Buy for Winter

trendy clothes for winter



As a fashion editor, I'm acutely aware of all the current trends on the scene and have basically made it a pastime of mine to uncover emerging micro-trends about to make it big next. Since I spend so much of my time trendspotting and reporting on the styles that are in and out, I tend to rack up a massive shopping list for all the holes in my own closet. At the start of each new season, I keep a running tab of all the pieces I want to add to my wardrobe to nail each of the overarching trends I'm seeing.

On my list of trendy clothes for winter 2020 are items such as polo neck sweaters, fur-lined clogs, and loungewear sets (just to name a few) that represent each of the larger trends I want to test out myself. By keeping a list like this, I'm able to avoid making impulsive purchases and ensure that each item I add to my virtual shopping cart is one that I'll be satisfied with in several months' time.

Between the chocolate brown color and the silky material, I'm completely in love.

I love the '90s jeans from Agolde, so you can imagine my excitement when they came out with a leather-coated version for winter.

Cutout tops are all I want to wear with jeans anymore and this one is pretty perfect.

I don't always wear jeans these days, but when I do I want a pair that's as comfortable as it is cool and these check both boxes.

I never thought I'd say this, but I really want to add a pair of clogs to my closet.

Winter 2020 is all about elevated lounge sets and I have my eye on this one.

Both items will work well for wearing indoors and outdoors.

Boring puffers are over—it's all about statement-makers.

I plan to wear this chain-link necklace with everything from loungewear to fancier outfits.

My mind is going into overdrive just thinking of all the layering possibilities here.

Not a regular pullover, a cool pullover.

The perfect slouchy-but-structured bag.

The texture and color make this look way more expensive than it is.

I just ordered these to layer underneath crewnecks and sweaters for that prep-school vibe that's trending.

Meet the ankle boots all the It girls are wearing.

Would it really be a winter 2020 story if I didn't include a cardigan-and-tank set?

I'm still so obsessed with the lace-up trend.

I'm not waiting a minute longer to add a shacket to my arsenal.

I kind of want this whole outfit. TBH.

Anything looks more elevated in this color.

A new season calls for some updated basics.

The not-so-basic basic top my closet was yearning for.

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