I'm a Fashion Editor—Here's Everything I Want to Buy for Winter

trendy clothes for winter



As a fashion editor, I'm acutely aware of all the current trends on the scene and have basically made it a pastime of mine to uncover emerging micro-trends about to make it big next. Since I spend so much of my time trendspotting and reporting on the styles that are in and out, I tend to rack up a massive shopping list for all the holes in my own closet. At the start of each new season, I keep a running tab of all the pieces I want to add to my wardrobe to nail each of the overarching trends I'm seeing.

On my list of trendy clothes for winter 2021 are items such as ribbed lounge sets, cutout tops, and shearling jackets (just to name a few) that represent each of the larger trends I want to test out myself. By keeping a list like this, I'm able to avoid making impulsive purchases and ensure that each item I add to my virtual shopping cart is one that I'll be satisfied with in several months' time.

Have I put this top in enough stories yet?

We just crowned relaxed trousers the Basic of the Year, and these are really good.

Yep, I found the most expensive-looking thing you buy on Amazon right now…

May or may not already have them. May or may not be wearing them as I type this.

Let's be real: When is a Christopher Esber piece not on my wish list?

For once, I'm excited about colder weather, and this jacket might have something to do with it.

I like my basics easy but elevated, and this bodysuit checks all my boxes.

I saw Who What Wear editors wearing cargo pants, so I bought cargo pants.

Nordstrom's basics are really popping off lately.

I have these in black and wear them multiple times a week, so I think I'm ready to venture into another color.

Cutouts are definitely a trend I'm bringing into 2022.

Miniskirts are another trend that's set to take off in 2022, and this Zara pick will be my jumping-off point.

Indestructible tights that I won't have to replace next winter? Sign me up.

I can't get over how expensive this coat looks.

I know a good basic when I see one (and this is one).

Another piece that's become a foundational item in my winter wardrobe.

For holiday parties (and beyond).

This is insanely soft and on-trend.

Ordering these before they sell out again.

Loose-fit jeans are the only ones I want to wear right now.

Get ready for these sneakers to trend hard. Every in-the-know fashion person is wearing them.

I think I'm finally ready to trade in my plain leggings for flare leggings (at least for the time being).

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