These 35 Dreamy Winter Zara Items Live in My Head Rent-Free

new Zara winter items



I'll be the first to admit that I have a Zara addiction. What starts out as a few innocent scrolls through the site's new arrivals section more often than not devolves into a full-blown shopping spree. But can you blame me for a little Zara-inspired obsession when the current offering is as covetable as it is? 

The site now has an influx of winter-ready items like creative knits, chunky boots, and cool leather separates that are each more dreamy than the last. To quote my TikTok feed, these new Zara winter items are living in my head rent-free, AKA they're basically always on my mind. So until I finally go ahead and add them to my closet, you can bet that they'll be occupying my headspace for the foreseeable future. I wouldn't be surprised if some of these cool finds took up shop in your mind, too. 

To see the objects of my desire and shop each piece yourself, just keep scrolling.

I called that shrugs would be the barely-there sweater trend the world would adopt and sure enough, Zara made its own version.

...with a matching knit tube top, no less.

I wouldn't be surprised in the least if these retro-looking sneakers sold out soon.

Take a closer look at these bejeweled buttons. It's worth it.

Suddenly, the basic black leggings in my closet got jealous.

Okay, but this jacket is a whole vibe.

Chain-embellished heels are the only heels I care about right now.

I'm all about a polo neck sweater right now.

If you told me this was a rare vintage find, I would be inclined to believe you.

Fur-lined clogs. That's all, that's the caption.

I may or may not have already ordered this one.

All about this built-in jewelry moment.

If I could only add one item to my closet this season, it would be a leather blazer.

It's not every day that the trendy option is also the most practical.

Because you can never have too many cool cardigans.

Now that's how you do loungewear.

Guaranteed to make every outfit look 100% cooler.

Becasue basic puffers are a thing of the past.

It's impossible not to have fun in this.

The goes-with-anything piece your closet was missing.

More shrug sweaters because I just can't get enough.

Winter bucket hats are a thing and I'm so here for it.

These pretty buttons deserve a closer look.

Sweatpants, who? I don't know her.

I didn't know I needed a leather bandana until this very moment. Thanks, Zara.

Not a regular shirt dress, a cool shirt dress.

Actually, this whole outfit is perfect.

I'll be living in this knit set until further notice.

Gotta have the matching pants.

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