I Spot Trends for a Living—Here's Everything I'm Buying for Fall

As a fashion editor, I'm acutely aware of all the current trends on the scene and have basically made it a pastime of mine to uncover emerging micro-trends about to make it big next. Since I spend so much of my time trendspotting and reporting on the styles that are in and out, I tend to rack up a massive shopping list for all the holes in my own closet. At the start of each new season, I keep a running tab of all the pieces I want to add to my wardrobe to nail each of the overarching trends I'm seeing.

On my list of trendy clothes for fall 2019 are items such as square-toe boots, cropped cardigans, and cargo pants (just to name a few) that represent each of the larger trends I want to test out myself. By keeping a list like this, I'm able to avoid making impulsive purchases and ensure that each item I add to my virtual shopping cart is one that I'll be satisfied with in several months' time.

This fall, the "boring" topper is getting a new look with exaggerated details and cool hardware. I'm setting my sights on this version from South Korean insider brand Low Classic.

Don't tell H&M, but I'd pay way more than $50 for this knit number.

I spotted this emerging bag brand last year, and I've loved watching it gain more notoriety recently.

The rest of this roundup is filled with neutrals, but this fuchsia utility shirt is my only exception. Oh, Jacquemus, you really know how to make a girl swoon.

Another A+ item from Low Classic (I couldn't choose just one, okay?) that I plan to wear with sandals now and ankle boots later on.

This doubles as a dress and a coat. Need I say more?

These are weird, but that's why I'm so drawn to them.

I'll be living in this cardigan once the weather cools.

Is it cheating if I already own this necklace? Because I do, and I've been wearing it nonstop.

I'm setting aside my clunky sneakers in favor of classics like these for fall.

I just met my new favorite going-out top.

I've been on the hunt for a pair of black leather pants with a roomy, trouser-like fit for some time now, and these look like they fit the bill.

I plan to wear this jacket inside out (as pictured here) with all my jeans.

Yep, the headband trend is still going strong. For fall, oversize, puffy headbands are the way to go.

I can never have enough mock croc in my life.

The tank and long-sleeve sweater are detachable, so this is basically like getting two tops in one.

Suddenly, it doesn't seem that crazy to wear white jeans post-summer.

These are the best-selling boots on Who What Wear right now, so I'm buying them before they sell out.

There's a 100% chance that a white T-shirt is on my shopping list at any given moment. Right now, it's this cool knotted version from one of my favorite L.A.-based brands.

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