7 New and Old Sneaker Brands That Everyone Wants Right Now

Something that's interesting about sneakers is that because there aren't exactly new brands popping up every day, classic brands tend to make big comebacks (which can last for years). It takes a lot for a sneaker brand to launch, let alone build a cult following, but there are some more recent brands that have done it, and I'm here to talk about those and the comeback kids.

Something that fashion people, in particular, love to do is take a utilitarian sneaker brand (i.e., one primarily made for running or hiking) and, for lack of a better term, make it fashion. There's certainly a normcore aspect to it. When this fashion-crowd embrace happens, collaborations and placement at retailers such as Ssense and Net-a-Porter often follow. 

So what's standing out in the sneaker world right now? Scroll to find out and shop the best pairs from the brands fashion people have deemed cool.


On sneakers



On's signature Cloud Sneakers are some of the most comfortable sneakers I've tried. Even my husband (who hates anything that's even the slightest bit uncomfortable) is obsessed with them. They're regularly selling out, and I knew they'd become a fixture in the fashion world when the brand collaborated with Loewe earlier this year.


One of the newer brands experiencing a revival, Asics makes the performance sneakers that keep popping up on my Instagram feed. You know you have a new It sneaker brand when Shopbop sells out of every pair it releases on its site.

Adidas is always popular, but it's having an especially good year. With recent buzzy collabs with Wales Bonner and Gucci under its belt and renewed interest around the Samba sneakers, I think this is just the beginning of the brand's "comeback."

New Balance

New Balance is the long-running It sneaker brand, and I hope that never changes (especially since I've built up quite the collection in my closet). Given its recent collaboration with Miu Miu and the fact that it named Aimé Leon Dore founder Teddy Santis as its creative director, it shows zero sign of fading.


Salomon sneakers



Once the Scandinavian fashion crowd and Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski started wearing Salomon's hiking sneakers out and about, it was plain to see that it would be the next unexpected It brand. Lo and behold, I've found it increasingly difficult to track down a pair in my size.

Hoka sneakers



I actually first noticed Hoka sneakers at my Pilates classes, where it seemed like every other attendee had a pair sitting next to their XFormer. I, of course, had to try them for myself and quickly realized why they've become so popular—they're wildly comfortable and the low-key platform sole gives me some height.


Balenciaga sneakers


Bellocqimages/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

If you follow Hailey Bieber's (pictured above) style, you know that Balenciaga sneakers (especially the Runner style) are the designer sneakers of choice right now. The very influential and very stylish celeb wears them constantly.