The 28 Most In-Demand Designer Sneakers of 2023


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If you were to draw a Venn diagram of the fashion crowd and the sneaker crowd, you'd see a major overlap. In the past few seasons, the two have become even more integrated than ever before thanks to a number of designer sneaker collaborations that have piqued both the interest of fashion insiders and in-the-know sneakerheads who are experts at clocking the latest drops.

Gucci x Adidas, Jacquemus x Nike, Loewe x On, Sandy Liang x Salomon—the list of designers linking with performance-sneaker brands is one that just keeps getting longer by the day. And with comfort being a top priority when getting dressed, a pair of cool sneakers has gone from being an afterthought to an absolute must-have among fashion people. On that note, I thought I'd get insight into the designer sneakers that are selling the best right now.

I reached out to the experts at Net-a-Porter, Farfetch, GOAT, and StockX for their insights and top picks of the hottest sneakers of the moment. Below, you'll uncover a smattering of A+ styles, including sporty kicks, classic high-tops, bold trail runners, and more.



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"The sought-after collaboration with power brand Loewe and performance-focused brand On has generated positive reactions from our customers, with three of our 10 top-selling sneakers being from this partnership," Net-a-Porter Market Director Libby Page noted.

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Techy Gorpcore


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"Gorpcore/techy styles have seen significant interest and sales due to current fashion trends heavily influenced by the media," shared Page. "We are seeing customers lean toward these styles due to their trendiness rather than technical purposes. Customers are specifically excited by the vibrant colorways to add a pop to any outfit." 

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Classic Court


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"Court sneakers are our best-selling classic silhouettes within sneakers, as their easy everyday look resonates with our customers," Page shared. "From Gucci to Golden Goose, our classic court selection has something for everyone." 

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Retro sneakers are another major theme that's resonating with shoppers of all budgets, but especially in the luxury market. "Our customers, as well as the sneaker industry, have demonstrated a strong interest in the trendy, sleek, retro styles," Page informed us. "A customer favorite is the Loewe Flow silhouette. While classic colorways have been popular in this style, bold and vibrant shades have gained significant attention and traffic."

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'90s Nostalgia


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Simplicity and a return to classic wardrobe builders are at the top of everyone's mind this season, and sneakers are certainly no exception to this. According to what Lee's seeing at StockX, '90s nostalgia is a rising theme, and simple canvas styles from Comme des Garçons and Rick Owens are earning favor. 

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