5 Places to Travel for Summer 2018—and What to Pack

If you’re anything like us, your thoughts are probably consumed with upcoming summer vacation and just where you’ll be traveling this year. This editor still hasn’t pulled the trigger on booking a trip anywhere quite yet, but with summer fast approaching, I’ve realized that it’s about time to lock it down. Since I’m still trying to zero in on exactly where to go, I enlisted the help of MyDomaine’s senior editor and resident travel expert, Sophie Miura.

Not only has she been to 26 (!) countries in Europe but it’s her job to know what’s cool and new in the world of travel. Ahead, Miura is breaking down all the best places to travel this summer, including the number one prediction for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s royal honeymoon destination. And since putting together my packing list is the first thing I do when planning a trip, I’m breaking down the perfect outfits to throw in your suitcase for each location.


“Almost every travel writer I speak to agrees that Nicaragua is the next Tulum,” says Miura. “It has untouched natural beauty and incredible beaches that aren’t crawling with tourists—yet. Start your trip in Granada, which is known for its stunning pop-bright colonial architecture. Adventurers should head to Cerro Negro to go volcano boarding on the black sand slopes (yes, it’s a thing) or snorkeling off the Corn Islands.”


travel packing list for summer montenegro


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“Boasting similar terrain to Croatia, this lesser-known coastal gem is on the rise. Head to Kotor and explore the old town before venturing to Budva for beach time. Kotor is one of my favorite spots in Eastern Europe. It has crystal-clear water, incredible architecture, and stunning terrain for hikes,” says Miura. “Dedicate two to three days to explore the town, and be sure to hike to the Castle of San Giovanni for a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains. Then, continue on to Dubrovnik, Croatia, or Mostar, Bosnia.”

“I’ve been obsessed with Milos ever since Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl visited the white-rock beaches. The curios rock formations are seriously photogenic—expect to see more of this gorgeous Greek island on your feed. This island has arguably some of the best beaches in the Cyclades, as well as exceptional food and great hiking trails,” says Miura. For more, see all the places to visit in Greece on MyDomaine.


“The royal wedding is sure to catapult Botswana and other African safari destinations into the spotlight. This is the number one prediction for Meghan and Harry’s honeymoon at the moment,” says Miura.

“Exploring the verdant Okavango Delta is a must while in Botswana,” she adds. “Be sure to pack clothes for all terrains: Your journey will likely take you by road, boat, and bush plane to reach the best sanctuaries and viewing spots. Invest in a quality camera, too—you’ll want to remember the wildlife and stunning terrain for years to come.”


“The Maldives is hardly a ‘new’ honeymoon destination, but I’ve certainly noticed a rise in popularity over the last two years. Given how remote many of the islands are, it’s important to do your research before booking a resort,” advises Miura. “Soneva Jani has been getting a lot of attention lately thanks to its fairytale-like overwater bungalows and epic private slides. While all high-end resorts offer boutiques with basic supplies, pack carefully as you won’t be able to pickup any extra items outside the resort during your stay. High-SPF sunscreen, a hat, multiple bikinis, slides, and cotton day dresses are essential.”

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