This Will Be the Biggest Anti-Trend Engagement Ring Trend of 2020

We often talk about engagement ring trends here at WWW HQ, and sometimes that discussion veers toward surprising trends like pearls and colored stones (often fueled by celebrity proposals). But what about the women out there who prefer something on the more traditional side? We get it, so we asked Claire Hammon, creative director of one of our favorite jewelry brands (New Zealand-based Meadowlark), to predict what the biggest traditional engagement ring trend will be in 2020.

"I think the biggest trend we're seeing is a classic solitaire or three-stone ring," she told us. "Both are simplistic and timeless, although we tend to add a little something unusual into all our designs, like the graphic Meadowlark signature setting." In keeping with Hammon's statement, what we love about this non-trend trend is that it can either be very classic and pared-down, or can be placed in a special setting that shows a bit of personality.

Keep scrolling to shop some of the most beautiful anti-trend solitaire and three-stone engagement rings, whether you're looking for inspiration or just looking for eye candy.

Want to change things up a bit? Flip the diamond on its side.

Love the different-shaped diamonds here.

Traditional with a side of whimsy.

Prices start at $4000.

The thick band on this is such a cool touch.

Did you know you can buy a cool engagement ring at Nordstrom?

Love the placement of those side diamonds.

Jennie Kwon always does cool takes on the classics.

Switch things up with an emerald-cut center stone.

Starting price is $5966.

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