3 Engagement Ring Trends That Spiked Because of Celebrities


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There are engagement rings, and then there are celebrity engagement rings. A-listers tend to get engaged with some of the biggest, unique diamonds, and for that reason, their rings are in a league of their own. Simply entertaining the price of these infamous celebrity rings can make most of us break a sweat (Blake Lively's stunning 12-carat oval-cut bauble is valued at approximately $2 million), but that definitely doesn't stop us from gleaning inspiration.

In fact, a handful of these famous diamonds have single-handedly sparked engagement ring trends and caused a massive spike in purchases inspired by the real deal. According to Olivia Landau, who's a fourth-generation gemologist and the founder and CEO of The Clear Cut, there are three celebrity engagement rings in particular that have influenced more ring purchases than any other.

Curious to find out which stars own these mega-influential diamonds? Keep scrolling to read about each celeb's ring and why Landau says they have had (or continue to have) such an impactful effect.

Blake Lively: Oval-Shaped Diamonds


(Image credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)


(Image credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

"Although Blake Lively was engaged a few years ago, her engagement ring has single-handedly started the biggest trend in bridal! Before Blake, the demand for oval diamonds just was not there. Ever since her oval diamond on a three-row pavé band hit the scene, the demand for oval diamonds has only gotten stronger. … Oval diamonds show their carat weight well and take up a nice amount of real estate on the finger."

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Emily Ratajkowski: Toi et Moi


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(Image credit: @emrata)

"Emily's two-stone engagement ring featuring an off-kilter pear-shaped diamond next to a princess-cut diamond has created a ton of demand for the two-diamond, or toi et moi, engagement rings. Many people are always searching for a way to make their engagement rings unique and different from their friends', and the toi et moi style definitely delivers. We have done many toi et moi styles using one heirloom diamond and one new diamond, toi et moi styles with negative space in between, and some touching, like Emily’s, and toi et mois with diamonds and colored-stone pairings. What is so great about the two-stone style is that each pairing is can be unique and special to each person." 

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Meghan Markle: Three-Stone Rings


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"Meghan's three-stone ring featuring a cushion-cut center and round brilliant side stones has definitely made three-stone engagement rings more popular. Although I have not seen demand for her exact style of three-stone rings, we have definitely seen an uptick for the three-stone style in general. Three-stone rings are a great way to achieve a larger look!"

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