Yes, Chic Engagement Rings Under $2000 Exist—Here Are 25

Engagement Ring



Getting married is an expensive undertaking. From the engagement all the way to the honeymoon, there's a constant flow of tasks and items that require money. The first purchase is usually an engagement ring. Cue the anxiety: After all, picking a ring you'll want to wear the rest of your life is no easy feat. Thankfully, the bridal jewelry market has taken off in recent years, with smaller brands cropping up offering unique rings that feel unique, stylish, and most importantly, relatively affordable. Ahead, shop our picks for chic engagement rings under $2000 from cool designers like Ashley Zhang, Jennie Kwon, and Sofia Zakia.

This newly launched jewelry app allows you to custom-design your engagement ring and try it on at home first. Think of it as the Warby Parker of bridal baubles.

The asymmetrical cluster of diamonds feels out of the ordinary in the most stylish way possible.

Sapphires are all the rage now, you know.

A beautifully designed gold-and-diamond ring you'll love having on your hand.

Everyone's favorite affordable fine jewelry brand also does engagement rings.

This wide shape is ultra-flattering on your finger.

A gorgeous burst of blue that's equal parts romantic and modern.

If you're looking for something unexpected, this gorgeous opal marquise ring might be the move.

An emerald feels timeless and modern, all at once. 

As the name suggests, this ring is a dream.

With a natural Montana sapphire surrounded by a halo of diamonds, it's hard not to fall in love with this glistening ring.

For the lover of architectural jewelry.

This beauty will play nicely with your other rings.

The kind of ring that will brighten your day, every day.

You may not associate moonstones with engagement rings, but we bet you will now.

We can't get enough of this thoughtfully designed ring.

An Art Deco vibe that'll translate to the everyday.

For the earth-inspired bride who wants something special and unexpected.

In case you were wondering if sapphires are just as beautiful as diamonds.

The kind of ring you'll want to pass on to the next generation.

And now, the four biggest engagement ring trends for 2020.

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