Are Ballerina Skinny Jeans a Future Denim Trend? Topshop Says Yes

Just when you thought ballet inspiration had already filtered into every possible category of your wardrobe (even sneakers), Topshop went and designed ballerina jeans (although the retailer refers to them as Tulle Hem and Tulle Skirt Jeans). Since the ballet trend first came to be a few seasons ago, tulle and ballet flats have become a common sight both in street style and among the inventory at Zara, H&M, Net-a-Porter, and a slew of other e-tailers. Now, the delicate trend is about to invade your denim collection, and we couldn't dream of a better type of invasion.

We recently spotted among Topshop's new arrivals tulle hem straight-leg jeans, tulle hem skinny jeans, and skinny jeans with a tulle skirt overlay. The latter two feature a semi-subtle black tulle that also gives the jeans an on-trend cropped flare quality, and the former features a black tulle skirt sewn into the jeans' waistband. The low-stretch jeans are available in a light, vintage-inspired wash and a slightly darker wash, ringing in at just $85 for the straight-leg jeans and $90 for the skinnies.

Given the popularity of the ballerina trend and the fact that Topshop sells a pair of jeans every 10 seconds (yes, really), we're guessing that these are going to be a hit and could even be the start of a very pretty denim trend.

Shop Topshop's new ballerina jeans below!