These 30 Bags and Shoes at Nordstrom Are Absolutely Gorgeous


(Image credit: PHOTO: @LEATNGU)

I recently moved into a new place and while saying goodbye to my cozy one-bedroom bungalow was bittersweet, the expanded closet space was a welcome change, a celebration even! The brand-new empty walk-in was a blank canvas, my Marie Antoinette shoe-montage dreams finally feeling like a reality (yes, that iconic scene lives rent-free in my mind).

After doing my due diligence and Marie Kondo-ing what no longer brought me joy, it was officially time for a re-up, and after years of having to stack shoes and smush bags, it felt like I could now entertain introducing delicate, beautiful, even impractical shoes and bags into the ecosystem. Bring on the beads, usher in the feathers! No more jostling for space (Ok, maybe jostling a little. I do still have to share the closet with my husband).

I hit the Nordstrom Black Friday sales with a vengeance (and by vengeance I obviously mean safely ensconced on my couch, PJ-clad, leftovers in hand). With the holidays approaching my focus was on pretty wedding-appropriate shoes that would look equally gorgeous at cocktail parties as they would dressing up jeans, a new pair of sexy-but-practical knee high boots and colorful, textured bags to elevate an everyday look. 

So run don’t walk (fine, maybe walk if those new shoes call for it) to my Nordstrom accessories roundup below and bag up the goods: