The Biggest Trend of the Season: How Did It Actually Start?

Trends come and go from season to season. No matter how long ago they began, or for however long they've been on the "outs," we can safely assume that the styles your mom or even grandma considered a must will return to favor again, no matter how much you make fun of the photos now. Currently, that trend is fishnets.

From the streets to the runway, to Instagram, fishnet has transformed from a simple pair of tights to a layering piece that's completely versatile. Not only have stockings been worn under just about everything, but fishnet has found its way to other styles of clothing, too. But where did it all begin? Below we're highlighting the journey fishnets have taken to become a defining trend of 2017. From a little bit of their early history to their reemergence over the past few seasons, we're breaking it all down below.

Read on for a look, and shop the trend.