I Get Compliments Every Single Time I Wear These 3 Under-$100 Items

We all own that one piece of clothing we can’t get enough of, whether it’s a pair of jeans you can always rely on for a flattering outfit or the winter essentials you can’t live without as soon as the temperature drops. Some items just have that special quality that make them essentials and also compliment magnets from friends or strangers. And let’s be real: Getting complimented on an outfit or a piece of clothing feels amazing, especially when you’ve put effort into a specific look.

I zeroed in on three pieces of clothing I’ve been complimented on frequently, which have now become go-tos when putting outfits together. Faux leather is one of them. There’s something inherently sleek and fashionable when it comes to faux leather. We often think of pants or jackets, but there are so many options to choose from. Such versatility can also be found in knitwear (which has become a personal favorite in recent months). A good knit, whether it’s a maxi dress or a bustier top, makes any outfit stand out while keeping you cozy. You’ll also find various options when it comes to denim. It's versatile and timeless, and I am convinced there’s a style of denim for everyone.

Scroll down to find my picks.

Faux Leather


(Image credit: @isabellecoheen)

If faux-leather jackets and pants are the most popular options, there are so many other items to choose from, including faux-leather dresses, skirts, and shirts.

Straight-Leg Denim


(Image credit: @tamaramory)

So this is kind of odd because straight-leg jeans are a pretty standard item. But I swear I get the most compliments when I wear the silhouette. My hunch is that it's the most universally beloved and so classic it's just always appealing. 

Interesting Knits


(Image credit: @annaborisovna)

Knitwear is the cozy and stylish option that keeps on giving. Forgo your classic solid sweater for a more interesting option, and trust me the compliments will come rolling in. 

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