How to Wear Cropped Jeans When You're Under 5'2"


(Image credit: Collage Vintage)

Cropped jeans have become 2017’s biggest denim trend—and my greatest sartorial nightmare as a woman under 5’2”. What makes for a flattering ankle-length flare for taller women is mostly lost on my petite frame. Yet if there’s one thing I know about myself, it’s that I’m always up for a challenge, and mastering the art of cropped jeans is one I’m currently ready to face. Armed with the right tips and tricks, petite women can take on this denim trend too. To help, I tapped Jenny Wang, founder of The Petite Studio, for her expert tips on pulling off cropped pants.

“Worry about the fit first rather than the length. Find a pair that fits you perfectly in all of the right places and makes you feel really good,” Wang suggests. “Worry about the hem last because you can always cut [the jeans] for a raw hem or get them tailored if you need to.”

Instead of ruling out styles that aren’t specifically petite, says Wang, “Get creative!” Many pairs can be rolled up or cut for a cool, edgy look. She suggests finding an expert tailor who can help achieve a length that doesn’t overpower a smaller frame. Getting the right length, Wang adds, “can make legs look longer.” She also suggests wearing your denim with boots that hit the thinnest part of the ankle. Turns out, while this denim trend may seem intimidating for those of us with shorter stature, women of all heights can pull it off.

Read on for the cropped jeans women under 5’2” should give a chance to.