Calling It: Every Chic Item French Girls Will Wear on Repeat Next Year


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If you're anything like me, these winter months (and The White Lotus) have you dreaming of a European summer. Posting up in the Marais, washing down pistachio gelato with an ice-cold Sancerre, and hitting those legendary French soldes all sound like good enough reason to peruse Expedia. But whether or not Europe is in the cards next year, French dressing can still be within reach.

The key to shopping like the French? Balancing practicality with style while leaving room for a little flair. French women have mastered the art of eschewing trends for more timeless pieces, meaning these purchases will serve you well beyond the year ahead. Read on for all the items our cross-Atlantic counterparts will be stocking their closets with. (Trust me—it'll be cheaper than that Air France ticket.)

Well-Tailored Pants

A flattering pair of pants is a wardrobe game changer. These pairs easily transition from le boardroom to le bar (and everywhere in between).


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Midi Skirts

A good midi skirt is a fabulous alternative to pants (and looks equally killer with sneakers or strappy sandals). 


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Lace Accents

A lace detail adds a je ne sais quoi to any look. It’s somehow both sexy and gamine and will dress anything up.


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Popularized by French sailors, the Breton stripe has been a fashion mainstay for ages—and it isn't going anywhere. A must-have, whether you plan to be nautical or nice this season.


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Mary Janes

Because Paris is a city best explored on foot, a proper shoe is necessary. Navigating the cobblestone streets of France is no easy feat, which is why you rarely see sky-high stilettos. A flat or low-heeled Mary Jane makes catching the metro or taking a quick jaunt to your local tabac a breeze. 


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