Tom Daley Is Rimmel's First Global Male Ambassador, and His Tips Are Pure Gold
Tom Daley Is Rimmel's First Global Male Ambassador, and His Tips Are Pure Gold

Tom Daley Is Rimmel's First Global Male Ambassador, and His Tips Are Pure Gold

Say hello to Unfiltered, a fresh beauty series where you'll get an exclusive glimpse into the dressed-down beauty routines of our favorite celebrities. They'll reveal their guilty-pleasure beauty practices, the five-minute-routine product lineup they can't live without, the one good-skin tip they'll be forever thankful for, and so much more. To bring every conversation full circle, we ask each celebrity to send us a selection of self-shot, filter-free photos of their choosing to capture the essence of their Unfiltered beauty philosophy. 

Up next, we're getting to know Tom DaleyBritish diver, Olympic gold medalist, and Rimmel's first-ever global male ambassador. Below, he's answering all of our rapid-fire questions and sharing his favorite products as well as his best-kept self-confidence secrets. Enjoy!



If you had to leave the house in five minutes, what are a few staple products you'd apply or bring with you?

Good question! One, I'm always wearing SPF—always gotta make sure you got a bit of protection from the sun. But if I'm going out and going quickly for a dinner and have to grab something, I'll always make sure I've got Rimmel London's Match Perfection Foundation with me. That's just something that's such a good go-to staple if you're going out. I've also been using the 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish. Normally, I'm a nail-biter, but when I put that on, it's stopped me from biting my nails. It's just a clear one, like a topcoat.

You're Rimmel's first-ever male global ambassador—what does this new role mean to you?

I think it's just really amazing, and it's great to have that inclusivity for men in makeup, too, and not just in the space of being able to do drag if you like. Every male person you see on TV or in a photo shoot is wearing makeup. It's just not talked about. Just being able to break down those societal norms is great. When I was growing up, I would have never seen a male ambassador for such an iconic brand like Rimmel London, so I think it's really exciting. 

If you had to choose three of your favorite Rimmel products to recommend to our readers, what would you choose, and why?

Oh, gosh! Well, there's… gosh! I mean, Match Perfection, like I was saying earlier, is a classic, and I always think it's great to have some nail varnish in your cabinet because you can get creative to the point where you can match your nails to your outfits, whatever it may be. [It's also great to have] a bit of concealer because if a little bit of a spot comes up overnight that you don't want, concealer just allows you to conceal that thing!

How has your relationship with makeup and/or the beauty world evolved as you've gotten older?

I first discovered makeup when I became involved with photo shoots or going on TV and being in the makeup chair. And at first, I didn't really think much of it! I didn't really think of it as something I would use on the day-to-day or if I was attending events on my own without a glam team. So it's just great that now I feel more comfortable [doing] that when I want to feel a bit more confident.



We're living in a society that seems to become more and more focused on physical appearance and social media—there's so much pressure! What would you like to see more of in the beauty industry, and what would you like to see less of?

I think more open honesty and transparency, especially around men and makeup, because I just don't feel like it's talked about. There are people who are going to events or award shows or on TV and wearing makeup, but it's not spoken about. It's like, "Oh, men don't want to wear makeup. That's just not what we do. It's not macho." And I think the fact that Rimmel has taken the step to have a male ambassador to start to talk on that is really great. 

What's your advice for anyone who struggles to feel confident or empowered in their own skin?

As I've gotten older, I just do not care what other people think. If I know I'm doing the best that I can for me, my family, and my friends—and being the best person I can be—that's what matters most.

You’re an athlete, so I want to switch gears a little bit to your wellness routine. Do you have any self-care practices you rely on to help de-stress or stay centered?

I love to do a face mask every now and then. I also love to knit! I mean, knitting is my thing. Knitting is my way to be able to relax, unwind, be completely centered, and that's my main form of self-care, really—having that moment to sit down and relax with a cup of tea and start knitting. 



Take us for a tour of your bathroom—what's the most surprising beauty/grooming product we'd find?

Ooh, good question! I've got these globes, these gel globes that feel really cold on your face. There's just something so refreshing about having one of those on my face in the morning. What are a few other things that might be surprising? I have lots of cuticle oil because I bite my nails. I put cuticle oil on my nails in the mornings and evenings just to make sure that I soften them up a little bit so I'm less likely to pick.

You have spent a lot of your life in chlorinated water—how do you offset that to keep your skin and hair healthy and moisturized?

I had to wash my hair and condition it pretty much every day whenever I was in the pool because my hair would just dry out and get all crusty and horrible, and the same [happened] with my skin. I just had to lather loads and loads and loads of moisturizer on to stop my skin from drying out because it really would quickly get to a point where my skin would crack, so I just had to stay on top of that. 

Last question! What's your Unfiltered beauty philosophy in seven words or less?

Each person has their own definition of beauty. Wait, how many words was that? Or something like "beauty is what beauty is to you." Ooh, I quite like that! [Laughs]

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