Is This the New Way to Wear Your Sunglasses?

While discovering a new trend through Instagram is a surprisingly regular occurrence in our office, it’s especially delightful when that trend involves buying nothing. Rather, the topic of today’s post is simply about a new way to wear a piece we all already own (and, if you’re me, by the dozen). We’re talking about sunglasses and the slightly dysfunctional yet undeniably cool way all our favorite Insta girls have been wearing them as of late: tilted low on the nose. Influenced largely in part by the Roberi & Fraud frames that are taking the fashion world by storm, the trend seems to have gone beyond its micro-oval-shaped shades to apply to all types of styles, which means it’s fair game for anyone to try.

See exactly what we mean below, as demonstrated by everyone from Kendall Jenner and Kaia Gerber to Aimee Song and Courtney Trop. Then, of course, continue to shop our favorite sunglasses, should you be so inclined to pick up a new pair.