TikTok's Fave Peter Thomas Roth Eye Tightener Is Back in Stock (for Now)

A decade ago, the skincare brand Peter Thomas Roth released an eye product called the Instant Firmx Eye Temporary Eye Tightener. Described as a “quick fix eye treatment,” it basically promises to do it all—depuff, minimize crow’s-feet and wrinkles, and firm the under-eye area—if only temporarily.

Fast-forward to this summer, and Trinidad Sandoval, aka TikTok user @trinidad1967, turned the $38 product into a sensation. In the video, which now has over 30 million views, she explains how weight loss surgery gave her exaggerated eye bags and says this is the one product that helps. She applies a bit of the eye tightener underneath one eye, and poof, the results are visible—and near-instantaneous. Cue a skincare TikTok obsession, with fans including @tinx showing off their results. Naturally, the 10-year-old product has been all but impossible to get your hands on since.

But good news: If you act fast, you can catch it right this second. And if by the time you read this it’s too late, don’t worry: I’m sharing some other amazing products that will help nix puffiness and under-eye circles in no time. 

Right now, the regular one-ounce tube is in stock at Ulta, so run, don’t walk. 

If you already know you love the product (or know you'll want to stock up), go for the mega size, which is also currently available on the brand's own site.

Aimee Song eye cream



More Products to Try for Eye Puffiness

This clear gel not only helps tighten the under-eye area with coffee seed extract but also brightens skin thanks to a combination of vitamin C, ginseng root extract, and niacinamide.

Cassandra Cadwell eye cream



The rollerball applicator combined with the hydrating, de-puffing serum is ultra refreshing—especially first thing in the morning.

Tennille Murphy eye cream



This lightweight serum soaks right into skin so the caffeine and He Huan Ma, an ancient Chinese medical herb, get to work depuffing and lifting. Plus, the metal applicator provides a cooling, awakening boost on contact. 

Madison Chertow eye cream



Like the Peter Thomas Roth treatment, this product tightens skin on contact. Just make sure to warm it between your fingers before applying for the best results. 

Kathleen Thomas Shearer eye cream



Think of this eye gel as a two-in-one: Not only does it provide hydration benefits and tighten eye bags right away, but it reduces the appearance of lines over time, too.

Marisa Martins eye cream



No need for eye cream in addition to this gel formula, which is both lightweight yet remarkably hydrating as it calms puffiness.



Use this ultra-lightweight serum before eye cream for extra brightening and anti-aging benefits—or pair it with an eye mask for extra depuffing.

The skin around our eyes is always delicate, but particularly so during and after menopause. Womaness formulated this treatment to target puffiness and dark circles during that time, thanks to bakuchiol (a retinol alternative), hyaluronic acid, and Filmexel, an extract of red algae and tara fruit that smooths and firms skin.

Jamie Chung eye masks



These Insta-famous (and endlessly reusable) eye masks can be paired with any eye cream, serum, or even regular moisturizer for a DIY deep eye treatment. 

Try storing eye masks in the freezer (or a mini fridge!) to help soothe puffy eyes on contact.