There Are Hundreds of TikTok-Famous Beauty Items, But These 18 Are Legit

TikTok is like the social media equivalent to the Wild West. It’s become the birthplace of unexpected viral crazes—from food trends (baked feta pasta) to DIY projects (cloud mirrors) to fashion items (“scrunch butt” leggings). But it’s also become a harbinger of beauty trends, like applying excessive amounts of foundation on your face to “slugging.” You just never know what’s going to grab the eyes (and wallets) of its community—including some surprising beauty items. 

Many of the popular TikTok beauty products are classic makeup and skincare items that have been around for a long time but are experiencing somewhat of a Renaissance (thanks in part to Gen Z users who may be discovering them for the very first time). Others are cult favorites, or simply brand-new innovations that are making their debut in the beauty sphere. Wherever they come from, one thing’s for sure: New beauty proucts and trends pop up on TikTok every single day, and it’s exciting to see what catches the eye of the zeitgeist next.

Ahead, you’ll get the lowdown on the most viral TikTok beauty items, from a hyped-up foundation to a first-aid-kit essential. You’ll also be able to get some info about each to help you decide whether or not they’re worth your time—and your hard-earned cash. Keep scrolling!

One of the more recent buzzy beauty items, the new KVD Good Apple Foundation has been turning TikTok upside down due to its impressive coverage (it even covers tattoos, as Travis Barker’s daughter, Alabama, recently tested on her heavily-inked father). One thing to keep in mind: A little goes a long way—you don’t need to shellac it on to get a flawless application.

A ton of E.l.f’s products go viral on TikTok, especially the ones from its Putty line. Skin prep is one of the most important steps in a makeup routine, and the E.l.f Cosmetics Putty Primer has proved itself to be essential. Some call it a dupe to Tatcha's The Silk Canvas Protective Primer ($52), but it honestly shines on its own, especially when you consider the $8 price point.

Dr. Jart+ stans have been praising this color corrector for years, but it’s been granted a new devoted following thanks to TikTok. This cream instantly zaps redness while protecting against UV rays with SPF 30. 

This powder foundation took TikTok by storm as it provides full coverage in just one swoop. Like with many as-seen-on-TikTok products, this one had sold out lightning-fast after going viral.  

A few of Pixi Beauty’s eye products have gotten attention on the app, including the Pixi DetoxifEye patches, which are great for depuffing and hydrating the under-eye area. (Though, if you’re doing the TikTok dark-circles trend, you might not have to worry about that.)

TikTokers became amazed at the power of unassuming hydrocolloid Band-Aids from their local drugstore. Designed to promote wound healing, these bandages effectively absorb pus, allowing acne to clear up faster. But if you don’t want to wear a Band-Aid on your face, you can always get a cute acne patch (which essentially works the same way) instead.

This might seem like regular shaving cream, but it went viral after being described as “an absolute blessing” for a smooth, irritation-free shave and preventing razor bumps at just $4.  

The Esponjabon soap is a beloved Mexico skincare secret, as it’s known for brightening and evening out skin tone. While the Mother of Pearl option is the most popular, the other soaps in the line, such as aloe, oatmeal, and charcoal, have also gotten a lot of love. (In fact, popularity has been so extreme, the majority of the line is currently sold out!)

Anyone who has been missing their lipstick-wearing ways due to masks found solace with this Nyx lip gloss, which went viral for providing serious shine and color while also being transfer-free. A true miracle!

There’s nothing like a truly legit drugstore mascara, and Sky High became a holy grail to many after giving incredibly voluminous, Bambi lashes to TikTokers left and right.

This face wash is actually an old-school favorite, loved by derms, celebrities, and non-famous people alike. It’s gotten a lot of love on TikTok thanks to the app’s resident skincare enthusiast @skincarebyhyram, causing it to sell out practically everywhere.

Faux freckles have been en vogue for a few years now, but they really took off once TikTok got a hold of this pen, which makes drawing cute lil dots across your cheeks as easy as pie.

Peeling-off beauty products have always garnered a cult-like following, and skincare TikTok was dazzled by Neogen’s Pore Tight Peeling Mousse, which promises to remove blackheads, makeup, and other impurities while firming the skin. While the visible pilling produced by these types of products is mainly due to the product interacting with the oils in our skin, they’re still a great way to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. 

Oil-blotting sheets walked so this Revlon oil roller could run. Made with volcanic stone, this roller not only picks up oil, but is also less wasteful than the blotting sheets of yore.

This popular beauty item first went a few viral years ago on YouTube, B.T. (before TikTok). How could it not? It’s blood-red, and that was around the time the “vampire facial” was getting attention. TikTokers love it for improving texture and unclogging pores. However, it’s a serious chemical exfoliant, and should only be used about once a week.

How could a frozen moisturizer not go viral? Throw this moisturizer in the freezer for a couple of hours, and it turns into an ice-like consistency that instantly calms skin upon application. It’s not just for novelty, as the moisturizer contains both hyaluronic acid and niacinamide.

This is truly an old-school product (it’s been around since 1901!), but the people of TikTok love it for easy, razor-free body hair removal. Just mix it with a little bit of water, and wipe any unwanted fuzz away. 

This is another one of those products that went viral just a few years ago but is being resurrected thanks to TikTok. What makes this affordable mask special is its versatility. Use it as a detoxing face mask or a hair treatment. 

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