Everything I've Stopped Wearing Since I Started Working Full-Time

If you peered into my closet over a year ago and then again today, the two lineups staring back at you would look pretty different. When I made the transition from college into a full-time job, I didn't experience much (or really any) of the angst and discomfort everyone talks about. I was lucky enough to land my dream job at Who What Wear fresh out of school and felt beyond prepared to jump into working full-time—except when it came to my wardrobe. Suddenly, all the pieces I wore on repeat as a student would no longer do. I was moving to an office.

As much as I wore and loved things like my Birkenstocks, ripped-up jeans, and graphic sweatshirts for life on campus, I quickly learned they'd have to be retired (or at least put on hold until the weekend). Now, no one sat me down and said "wear this, not that"; instead, I simply decided to take stock of where my style is at now versus where it was before this distinctive life change.

What I found in the year since is that I've naturally moved away from my previously super-casual way of dressing and have embraced a bit more polish. Ahead, see which seven things I learned not to wear to work and which pieces I've gravitated toward instead.