These 8 Trends Are Dead to Celebrity Stylists

The true rising of a trend can be attributed to many factors including the runway, street style, social media, and stylists. When a celebrity stylist dresses a client in that one style we saw come down the runway, chances are fangirls, fashion girls, and the like will be clamoring for the trend in no time at all. With a response like that, I guess you could say stylists are influential in the shaping of rising and falling of trends, no?

Here today to give us the inside scoop on the latest fashion trends they are eyeing and ignoring right now are five well-known celebrity stylists. Get ready because the trends they dislike, they really dislike. Now this doesn't mean that if you happen to love the trends they are skipping over this coming season that you're not stylish—the answers below are coming from their personal points of view. However, their points of view are pretty spot-on, as they dress some of the celebrities you know and love, so basically, take their answers with a grain of salt and enjoy a sneak peek into the styles we're about to see a huge rise in.

Out: Scrunchies and Tiny Sunglasses

"I would say the small sunglass thing might have reached its peak, but I am still super into it. And maybe the scrunchie." — Erin Walsh

In: White Boots, High-Waisted Jeans, and Tailoring

"I actually have lots of trends I plan on still riding into fall, like white boots, high-waisted jeans, oversize blazers, and great menswear-type blouses." — Erin Walsh

Available in sizes XXS to L.

Out: Thigh-High Boots and Chunky Sneakers

"There are a few trends that are fading out this season—biker shorts, little sunglasses, etc. The ones I would consider dead are thigh-high boots and the ugly sneaker trend (sorry, Balenciaga)." — Alyssa Sutter

In: Leopard Print and Yellow

"For fall, I am looking forward to playful colors and prints like leopard and yellow." — Alyssa Sutter

Out: Visible Knickers, Chokers, and "Ugly" Shoes

On visible knickers: "What was once a really bold, sexy, and exciting red carpet choice (sheer skirts with a visible high-waisted undie) now feels (extremely) overdone and totally expected. We first saw this trend on the runways, and then on stars, and now we've seen it on the streets, at weddings, the dentist, you name it. Intentional VPL has had its moment, and the moment has passed."

On chokers: "There's not an incarnation of this '90s staple revival that we haven't seen in the past two years or so. It's time for chokers to be put to rest. Done. Dead. Over and out."

On "Ugly" Shoes: "I'm all for comfort, but I can't stand the 'ugly' shoe trend a moment longer. Be they Birkenstocks, Dr. Martens, or chunky sneakers, 'ugly' shoes are as unattractive as they as depressing. That's the thing—shoes should be beautiful!" — Emily Sanchez

In: Puff Sleeves

"For fall I'm really excited to store away boring button-downs for a luxe puff-sleeve blouse. It's part prairie, part renaissance, and part '80s, and I love it all. I also love a puff shoulder knit with a short sleeve for a transitional piece as we enter autumn! Khaite is my favorite version." — Emily Sanchez

Available in sizes XS to L.

Out: Slit Pants

"So the one 'trend' I wish was dead are side-slit pants. The trend actually confuses me. I find them extremely unflattering and I believe that if you want to expose your legs, wear a skirt or shorts. There is absolutely no need to have a slit on the side or up the front of your pants!" — Andria Bush

In: Belt Bags

"I am in love with belt bags. I actually want this 'trend' to live forever! My favorite way to wear them is with high-waisted denim belted over my boyfriend blazer. The number of different ways to wear belt bags are infinite and can be so chic and fun!" — Andria Bush

Out: Impractical Novelty Bags

"Impractical novelty bags are dead to me. Don’t waste your money on mini bags that nothing fits into." — Sissy Sainte-Marie

In: Western Boots

"I’m excited about western boots. I’m going to wear mine with pleated midi skirts and belted coats." — Sissy Sainte-Marie

Out: Small Sunglasses

"A trend I am over is the small sunglass phase. It was fun for a minute, but it has been so overdone. I just feel as though they don't flatter most face shapes and don't really serve a purpose for protecting your eyes." — Sarah Nearis

In: Foil

"One trend I love for this fall is foil. It adds texture and edge whether it's a shoe or a miniskirt. Mixing it with an oversize cardigan or cashmere sweater will be a great mix of textures." — Sarah Nearis

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