Here's How I Landed My Dream Job Right Out of College

I was one of those kids who went around telling anyone who’d listen about my life goals. At 6, I said I’d be a marine biologist. By 10, I was going to be on the Harvard women’s swim team. When I was 14, I was convinced that I had to attend Parsons or FIT to study fashion design. I always had a plan (whether or not I knew how to get where I wanted to go).

Given my early interest in fashion, you might think my ending up in my current role at Who What Wear was inevitable, but it actually wasn’t until much later that I really found my path. I have to hand it to my parents, though: Without fail, they entertained every single one of my interests, signing me up for swim lessons at first and enrolling me in drawing classes when the swim team didn’t work out. I changed interests often, but my determination never wavered.

Once I finally narrowed in on the exact career I was after, I stayed laser-focused. Between double-majoring in (shocker) not fashion but art history and Italian, completing 10 internships, working countless jobs, and taking a semester off to go backpacking in Asia (this last part was really important, I promise), I landed my dream job at Who What Wear. Maybe it’s cheesy, but I like to think that every step of my unconventional path here was worth it in the end.

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