15 Thigh-High-Boot Outfits We're Re-Creating


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Real talk: While thigh-high boots may be a fan favorite among designers, fashion girls, and women everywhere, they aren't exactly the easiest to wear. Coming up with thigh-high-boot outfits can feel as taxing as slipping them off at the end of a long day. And while they may elicit step-on-me feelings, they're not exactly the easiest boots to wear to get your steps in, if you catch my drift. But, as knee-high boots and over-the-knee boots have surged in popularity, it's only a matter of time before thigh-high boots inch up even further. 

If you experienced existential dread while reading that last sentence, take a deep breath—I'm about to prove to you that thigh-high boots actually aren't that difficult to style. The best thigh-high-boot outfits of the moment are easier to replicate and wear than they were in previous seasons. You'll just have to keep scrolling to see them for yourself.


Oversize Leather Blazer + Sweater Dress + Thigh-High Boots
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Who said you must purchase a new look to suit your boots? Just pull out your favorite sweater dress, layer a leather blazer over it, and slip into those thigh-high boots. Voilà!

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Oversize T-Shirt + Oversize Sweater Vest + Thigh-High Boots
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If you’re seeking a thigh-high-boot outfit you can replicate at home easily, look no further than this outfit. Pair your boots with an oversized t-shirt and sweater vest, and top it off with your favorite crossbody bag for a simple yet chic look.

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Jacket + Tank Top + Mini Skirt + Thigh-High Boots
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You don't have to miss out on thigh-high-boot outfits if you live in a warmer climate. In fact, you can get creative with your look by wearing your boots with fewer layers. Pair them with a fringe coat or fleece jacket (depending on the temperature) and a simple tank and mini skirt for a warm-weather look that allows you to wear your boots without overheating.

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Blazer + T-Shirt + Shorts + Thigh-High Boots
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For the Bermuda-short adverse, you don't have to toss out the thought of pairing your thigh-high boots with shorts. Just swap out the Bermuda cut for your favorite blue-jean shorts, and you've got an equally chic look. Pro tip: The boots are the focus of this look, so don't be afraid to opt for your boldest pair of thigh-high booties.

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Button-Down + Wrap Skirt + Thigh-High Boots
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When it comes to perfecting a thigh-high-boot outfit, it's essential to get comfortable playing with color-blocking. Give your thigh-high boots an extra pop by styling them with a colorful skirt and a simple button-down.

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Oversize Blazer + Sweatshirt + Belt + Thigh-High Boots
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If the thought of wearing just a blazer made you shiver, don't fret. You can still pull off a similar thigh-high-boot look by throwing a sweatshirt or sweater underneath your oversize blazer to add another layer of warmth to your outfit. 

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Trench Coat + Turtleneck + Midi Skirt + Thigh-High Boots
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Didn't think thigh-high boots could be work-friendly? Think again. Simply style them underneath a midi-skirt, with a turtleneck and trench coat. 

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Oversize Statement Coat + Thigh-High Boots
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Depending on your height, an over-the-knee boot can become a thigh-high one. But there's no need to fret because you can still make this look work for you no matter what. Just pair your boots with an oversized coat for an on-trend look this season.

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Mini Dress + Leather Blazer + Thigh-High Boots
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The other staple outerwear piece of the season (other than a fun coat) is a leather blazer. And blazers just so happen to be the perfect piece to pair with thigh-high boots. I recommend taking the seasonal staple to the next level by doing a head-to-toe monochrome look (in black or any hue of your choosing).

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Fair Isle Sweater + Leather Skirt + Thigh-High Boots

As you can tell, leather separates are by far one of the season's biggest trends. But if you're not a fan of leather blazers or pants, opting for a leather skirt to go with your thigh-high boots will work wonders, too.

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Camel Coat + Leggings + Thigh-High Boots
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Let's be real: Leggings have been the bottoms of choice (if we're wearing pants at all) this year. But if you are feeling compelled to dress up a bit, then you can slip into a pair of leather leggings, a camel coat, and your thigh-high boots for an effortless look that appears far more polished than it actually is.

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Leather Bomber Jacket + T-Shirt + Mini Skirt + Thigh-High Boots
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PSA: You don't have to dress up in a full head-to-toe 'fit to use your thigh-high boots this season. Just take a cue from the look above and pair your shoes with a leather bomber jacket, t-shirt, and mini skirt for a casual yet fresh take on styling your boots.

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Leather Button-Down + Matching Shorts + Thigh-High Boots
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The best part about wearing thigh-high boots is showing them off. Wear them with a leather button-down and matching shorts to show off your boots in all their glory.

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T-Shirt + Denim Skirt + Shoulder Bag + Thigh-High Boots
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Styling denim and boots together maybe be a tad bit cliché, but it always works. However, if you still want to spice up your styling, swap skinny jeans for a denim skirt. Do this, and you'll realize there's nothing boring about this combo. 

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Maxi Dress + Thigh-High Boots + Statement Clutch
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Still here, but not convinced of the power of thigh-high boots? I can personally attest that these boots are a staple you can wear season after season. And while thigh-high-boot outfits require a bit of creativity, you won't regret wearing them.

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