Nope, Bomber Jackets Aren't Dead—27 New Styles to Prove It

best bomber jackets


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Typically, when a fashion trend goes viral overnight, it tends to have a pretty short life span. However, year after year, season after season, there has been one overnight trend in particular that has remained relevant: the bomber jacket.

The seasonless topper became an off-duty-supermodel sensation around 2015. As if they planned it, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Bella Hadid were spotted all over New York and L.A. wearing the trendy jacket. They paired it with sneakers, leggings, and crop tops for running errands and threw it over LBDs and heels for a night out. Affordable retailers quickly caught on, and suddenly everyone was wearing one. 

Since then, the style has prevailed on the runways as designers incorporated it into varying trends each season. No longer is this piece of outerwear only appropriate for an athleisure vibe. It’s a tale of the times and fitting for seasonless, genderless fashion.

Lucky for you, now that the trend has saturated itself fully, bomber jackets are available at every price point. From casual and lightweight to fuzzy and fleece-lined, there are so many bomber jacket styles to choose from. Below, I've outlined 27 of the season's best bomber jackets broken down by micro-trend. 

best bomber jackets


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A green bomber jacket will always be a classic. 

Sherpa is guaranteed to keep you cozy this winter. 

I love this gorgeous burnt orange color. 

Levi's always makes the best jackets. 

Victoria Beckham designed this jacket, so you know it's good. 

best bomber jackets


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I love the white piping on this cute jacket. 

Alpha Industries makes the coolest, most authentic bomber jackets around. 

Canada Goose is top-notch if you're going to seriously cold climates. 

I love how this is styled with ripped gray jeans for a chill look. 

This investment jacket will truly last you a lifetime. 

best bomber jackets


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This is such a polished option that's office-ready. 

Army green jackets are never a bad idea. 

This reminds me of a school varsity jacket in the best way. 

I love how this is styled with a super simple tank top and jeans. 

This $40 price tag is seriously tempting me right now. 

I love faux leather for fall. 

This jacket looks like something out of my grandpa's closet—and yes, that's a good thing. 

A pop of color never hurt anyone. 

I love these fun leopard accents.

Zella is a cult-favorite brand at Nordstrom. 

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