19 Travel Outfits You'll Want to Wear In and Out of the Airport


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Look, we know it’s only October, but travel season will be coming faster than you expect. While you’re planning all of your flights and road trips, you’ll also want to start putting together travel outfits to wear throughout all your journies.

Given the number of hours you’ll spend on a flight to your holiday destinations, we know that you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible. However, as fashion lovers, we know you won’t want to fully compromise your style for comfort (as tempting as that may be). So we went ahead and looked to our favorite It girls for travel outfits that you’ll want to wear even when you aren’t traveling.

From coordinated sweatsuits that ace athleisure’s take on airport style to the effortlessly cool ensemble of jeans and a button-down, these outfits will ensure you’re as relaxed as possible during your flight, but that you’ll look and feel good from the moment the wheels go up to the moment you land. After all, when it comes to traveling, comfort is essential. Read on to find sartorial inspiration for your next travel look.


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We love this ’90s-inspired outfit for a comfortable and stylish outfit on the plane.


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With a cropped sweater and wide-leg jeans, you’ll be chic on and off the plane.


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A button-down and a pair of jeans is an effortlessly cool outfit for any flight.


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You can’t go wrong with coordinated sweats for your flight.


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If you’re headed somewhere cold, cozy up in an oversize shearling jacket to keep you warm.


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A fleece teddy-bear coat will look so good with a pair of jeans.


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You can never go wrong with a pair of leggings and a sweater for the airport.


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Head-to-toe sweats for the airport? Yes, please.


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A chic fuzzy jacket and a pair of jeans will be perfect for fall vacations.


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A cool shearling jacket with track pants will be perfect no matter where you're headed.


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If you’re looking for a more polished outfit for your flight, a knit skirt with a leopard-print sweater will be what you need.


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A cropped sweater and track pants will always look cool.


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A sleek pajama shirt with a pair of wide-leg jeans will look so chic on your flight.


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Stay warm in a turtleneck this fall, and pair with velvet pant for a unique and comfortable outfit for your travels.


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Comfortable plaid trousers will be your best friend this travel season.


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Cargo pants are surprisingly comfortable, and a nice, lightweight sweater will feel great on the plane.


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A sleek look of a sweatshirt paired with biker shorts will be perfect if you’re headed on a road trip with family.


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Step right off the plane and head to your next plans in these flowy wide-leg pants and soft turtleneck. 


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A jumpsuit is perfect for heading to the airport. With comfortable slides, you’re set for even the longest flights.

These outfits are so good, you’ll want to wear them right off the plane to your family dinner.

Dale Arden Chong