I Figured Out How to Nail Airport Style Once and for All

I’ve recently taken a number of international flights. First to Italy, then to London and Paris, and later, back Paris again. On each of these flights, I was determined to streamline my outfits, so I put some research into what I needed, as well as the pieces that could stay behind. Studying some of the best celebrity airplane outfits, I developed an airport capsule wardrobe that has defined what I wear when I travel.

The capsule is built around pieces that are the perfect balance of functional and stylish—like matching luggage and comfortable shoes. Notably, it excludes items like metal jewelry as well as flip-flops, which TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein named the worst shoes to wear to the airport. Instead of wondering what to wear for your next flight, I’m breaking down nine stylish pieces that celebs (and I) can vouch for.