The Gorgeous $38 American Eagle Sweater Tan France Told Me to Buy

We all know and love Tan France as the fashion icon of Queer Eye, but since the show's launch last year, he has become known for much more beyond his role within the show. Tan's Instagram currently weighs in at a whopping 2.1 million followers, so it comes as no surprise when we see him partnering with brands on everything from paid promotions to larger styling roles. Just recently, Tan was named American Eagle's stylist at large, and after chatting with him about the brand, we knew this marriage was a match made in heaven.

"I love that they reached out," Tan said. "Full disclosure: When they first reached out to my agency, I was like, I don't know; I haven't really seen what they've been doing in a while. The last time I shopped there was a few years ago, and I was younger and thought maybe it's not going to be right for me, but I was shocked when they sent me the lookbook, because their branding has changed a heck of a lot." To Tan, this partnership with American Eagle is much more than just another good opportunity—it actually aligns extremely closely with his role on Queer Eye.

"The reason this was important for me to do was because it's an extension of what I do on the show," he explained. "I'm talking about accessible style. I'm not suggesting we go and spend $10,000 on a suit or $2000 on a jacket. I’m talking about accessibility and something that we can all afford, and American Eagle really does do a great job of creating clothing that is great for every one of us, men and women, at really affordable price points and with products that I actually do wear."

Tan France of Queer Eye: American Eagle Stylist at Large


Courtesy of American Eagle

Speaking of approachable clothing, as I was about to wrap up our extremely pleasant phone interview, Tan let out an excited shriek as he (quite randomly, I might add) decided to inform me of his favorite American Eagle product of the moment.

"Don't go yet! I love a mohair sweater! Antoni and I love a mohair sweater this season. He's got a bunch of them; I've got a bunch of them. I haven't got this one yet, but I'm going to get it hopefully (American Eagle, if you're on the phone, please send it to me). I helped them style something a couple of weeks ago; it's a mohair sweater that's in magenta. If you haven't seen it, if you're looking for a new sweater for this season, get it. It's gorgeous. The quality is gorgeous, it's a good price, and the fit is beautiful."

A $38 sweater that's approved by Tan France? We're getting both colors, and we suggest you do too.

Also, since I know you probably all think Tan is the cutest, here's another fun thing he said about American Eagle and this perfect fall look he recently served us:

"I'm literally—I swear I'm not lying to you when I say this—I wore head-to-toe, well, not my boots; I wore jeans, a shirt, and a jacket from American Eagle today. You'll see it on my Instagram in a couple of days. It's a brown jacket—it's beautiful—a brown shirt, and a blue pair of jeans because I actually love the product. And we don't have to do that stuff [represent brands] on the show. I can wear whatever I want. If I love something, I wear it, so it just seems like the perfect marriage to be working with American Eagle, because their product is accessible, the styles are great, and they are some of the best-looking jeans I have in my closet right now."

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