I Ran My Hands Through Dozens of Sweaters at Nordstrom—These 10 Are Soft IRL

Online shopping is amazing—except when you order a sweater, and when it finally arrives, you realize it's itchy AF and end up tossing it in a donation bin just a few months later. A lot of my NYC shopping adventures tend to lead me to Nordstrom simply because the retailer has everything, and my most recent visit made me want to explore the sweater offerings. There really is an undeniable charm to physically touching, feeling, and trying on the clothing before you buy it. My trip to Nordstrom helped me determine which sweaters were actually cozy in real life.

Navigating the levels and levels of sellout-worthy clothing, I encountered an array of textures, colors, and styles that promised to elevate my winter wardrobe. From chunky cable-knit styles that whispered warmth to sleek, fitted designs that were made for layering, each sweater I tried had a unique story to tell. But beyond the aesthetics, my mission was to assess the quality, the feel of the fabric against my skin, and the overall craftsmanship. Out of the endless options I perused at the Nordstrom flagship store, below are the 10 sweaters I would actually take home with me.

There's currently a gap in my closet when it comes to fitted sweaters, and I really like to layer them. This one is soft and stretchy enough without feeling too tight. It will be the basic you wear on repeat.

In my fantasy world, everything I wear is preppy. I'm also layering button-down shirts and sweaters, but it can be really hard to find the perfect match. This two-in-one combo is pure gold. It's already selling out on Nordstrom, so move fast.

With red and asymmetry predicted as two of the biggest trends of 2024, this sweater will set you up well for the future. It's a fantastic statement piece that will say everything for you. And of course, it felt amazing in person.

I've always known that you don't have to spend more than $100 to get a very nice sweater. This one feels to the touch like it's triple the price. 

Every sweater collector knows the power of a pop of color. This bright-purple moment from Ganni says it all. My favorite detail is the sleeve.

I'm not much of a maximalist, but I'd change that in a heartbeat for this Parisian-themed sweater that shows off the Eiffel Tower and a brasserie.

Everyone loves the cardigan-and-tank layered look, so a two-in-one deal always wins me over. The structured texture of this cardigan makes it feel expensive.

This sweater is made to fit oversize, and that's exactly how we like it. It's basically like wearing a blanket, and it feels just as good as that sounds.

I clearly have a thing for Staud sweaters because this was the second one I picked up from the brand, but they just feel so good in person. This one is the twist on a classic turtleneck that I didn't know I needed.

Ski season is upon us, and I love a sweater like this. While I find a lot of mohair sweaters to be itchy, this one passed my touch test. It felt amazingly soft and cozy, so worth the investment.

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A cardigan you can wear more ways than one.

You don't have to spend a lot on the classics.

I'd have so much fun layering necklaces with this one.

Just look at the cable-knit stitching.

Balletcore meets your winter wardrobe.

I need as many layering pieces like this as I can get.

I'm wearing an off-the-shoulder sweater as we speak, and I'm telling you this is a must-buy.

I'm obsessed with the buttons on this one.

There's just something about this cardi.

In case it's still too warm where you are for a full-on sweater.