Out of the Whopping 687 Sweaters at H&M, These 25 Are the Best

Best H&M Sweaters


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If there is one thing H&M is known for, it's sweaters. Coming in hot at prices that automatically put a smile on your face, this affordable retailer is pretty much every fashion girl's hack for building up a well-rounded sweater collection season after season. Since heading to the brick-and-mortar stores might not be first up on your to-do list, we sifted through the 687 sweaters  (go ahead, fact check us on that) that are currently for sale on H&M's website and hand-selected the 25 we're deeming the absolute best. 

The winners you're about to shop below include an even array of both fall trends and wardrobe basics. This means that everyone from the trend-obsessed shopper to the minimalist at heart will find the sweater of their dreams sitting right in the assortment here. So do yourself a favor and don't even click into the site, just shop the best sweater selection on the internet right here. 

Tiger print is trending hard this fall, and this sweater is the best way to dive right in. 

This contrast stitching will liven up even the simplest of outfits. 

Proof black sweaters don't have to be boring. 

"The knit that couldn't quit."—You after you buy this sweater and wear it every day

Argyle is another big fall trend that fits seamlessly into your knitwear collection. 

Cardigans as tops are all we can think about right now. 

If you don't own a thin black turtleneck, add this one to your cart. 

A sweatshirt and a sweater in one? This must be what heaven is like. 

It's easy to get sick of all of your ivory and black sweaters, so switch it up with this bold hue.

This one might be our favorite.

Just the right amount of fringe if you ask me.

Wear this with trousers and loafers for the ultimate fall fashion-girl fit. 

Wow, H&M is really churning out all the best fall trends in sweater form. 

This oversize, slouchy look is the ideal seasonal uniform. 

Those shoulders will get you tons of compliments.  

Orange you glad we showed you this sweater? 

Tonal looks make for an effortless outfit idea always. 

The perfect sweater to throw over your shoulders when your outfit needs a little pizazz. 

For $18, we suggest you buy every color. 

Your jeans will look great with this. 

One more must-have layering turtleneck before you hit the road. 

Finally, a sweater that shows off all of your favorite necklaces. 

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