Fashion People Wear Sweater-Vests All the Time—Here Are the Best Styles

Fashion People Wear Sweater-Vests All the Time—Here Are the Best Styles


@anna__laplaca; Pictured: Who What Wear Collection Knox Sweater-Vest ($115)

If a fashion person were to list off a range of their current go-to pieces, there’s a strong chance the sweater-vest would rank pretty high up there. Over the last few seasons, we’ve seen this “grandpa” trend evolve into a forward wardrobe staple. It’s honestly easy to understand the appeal of knit vests and why the style crowd continues to turn to them. For one, wearing a vest either on its own or layered over a top or blouse brings a directional feel to a look. That ideal pick also has a cute, quirky vibe that’s desirable for many.

Given the trending nature, there’s a huge range of top-notch silhouettes out there to choose from. There are options like this pick from Who What Wear Collection that features an of-the-moment cut in a pretty neutral hue. On the flip side, there are gorgeous styles in colorful prints and patterns. Below, you’ll uncover our favorite sweater-vests of the moment if you want to add a fresh pick into your rotation.

Cable-Knit/Herringbone Vests

It comes in this gorgeous cream color as well.

Here for the high neck and strong shoulders.

Chic with high-waisted jeans.

Oversize Vests

Into the idea of styling a longline vest over a shirtdress.

Picture this vest with your favorite leggings.

The slits on the sides are a nice touch.

Printed/Colorful Vests

Try print mixing, as shown here.

Wear on its own or over a tee.

The bow accent brings something different to this vest.

Buttoned Vests

One more cropped style for you.