Add to Cart: The Leggings That Are About to Be All Over Instagram


(Image credit: Cavan/EyeEm)

Raise your hand if you just got paid and you're ready to treat yourself. Lately, I feel like I can only justify making purchases that will have a positive impact on my self-care. When I buy a new yoga mat or a new pair of leggings, even though the price tags can be hefty, I take comfort in knowing that I can wear those things over and over again and they won't begin to deteriorate. Additionally, when I have items I'm excited to use, it motivates me to fit in a few extra workouts, and who doesn't want that?

This week, I'm craving some fun products like new leggings, a conditioner that's making my dry shampoo take a seat, and a nostalgic item from one of my all-time-favorite brands. Keep scrolling to see what I'm adding to my cart this week.


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