The Classic Layering Trick That's Always in Style

Whether you consider yourself a bona fide risk-taker in the wardrobe department or prefer to stick to a uniform of sorts, it’s undeniable that having a few timeless layering combinations on hand at all times is always a plus. Though a few standouts come to mind (white tee and jeans, we’re talking about you), today’s post is particularly appropriate with the imminent fall season.

So what’s the layering combo of the hour? A sweater and button-down, of course. So simple yet so full of potential, these two closet companions have always had a great relationship. What’s more, it’s an easy way to add a third piece and a little warmth, should it be a tad chillier outside than expected. See below for a handful of ways to champion the look, and shop our favorite knits and shirts while you’re at it.