11 Non-Basic Ways to Wear Sweaters With Leggings

No matter where you stand in the great debate over whether or not leggings can act as a pair of pants, you certainly can’t deny the ease and comfort that come with the athleisure staple. And, whenever the seasons change, we can’t stop thinking about bundling up in the chic sweater-and-leggings outfits that we’ll be wearing every day as soon as the weather deems it appropriate.

That being said, when you have an ensemble as effortless as this combination, it’s easy to fall into a style rut and feel a little, well, basic—especially when the primary goal is to stay warm and snug. Not to worry, though. We’re looking to our favorite fashion girls for the coolest ways to sport this classic cozy look. From switching up your legging style to trying new layering ideas, you’ll look at your sweaters and leggings in a whole new light when you’re done with this story.


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Try an embellished sweater instead of your standard travel hoodie to give your outfit an elevated athleisure approach.


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A chunky turtleneck paired with black leggings will always look good.


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Don't be afraid to work with stirrup styles to mix up your legging game.


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A seriously oversized sweater will make your leggings look a total vibe.


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Yes, even faux leather leggings can function as a basic.


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You'll always look put together with a pair of leather leggings and a sleek wool coat.


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A pair of leggings with a playful hooded knit is exactly the relaxed-fun feeling we're going for this year.


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Layer up some jackets and sweaters for a cool and stylish way to stay warm.


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If you're planning on keeping it low-key, you can never go wrong with monochrome.


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A chic turtleneck with leggings and a pair of killer boots will look great in any setting.


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For an outfit to wear after a workout, a lace-up sweater will dress up your favorite leggings.

If one thing's for sure, it's that these outfits are anything but basic.

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Dale Arden Chong