Everything Who What Wear Editors Are Keeping, Ditching, and Buying This Summer

A few months ago, I shared what my fellow Who What Wear editors and I were getting rid of, hanging onto, and buying for spring. Now we're due for another closet cleanout (hey, space is limited), so we're doing the same thing with our summer wardrobes. With the plethora of trends that we want to try each season, we've got to make room for them or our living spaces will quickly start to resemble a boutique (not that that's a bad thing).

Right now, our frame of mind is dictated by hot and sunny weather, upcoming vacations, and, believe it or not, fall (it will come again). Our shopping (and donating) decisions are very much reflective of all of this right now. Not only that but fresh trends like pearls, pistachio green, and puffed sleeves have proven to be powerful closet-weeding-out motivators as well.

Keep scrolling to find out what Who What Wear editors are donating this summer, and shop the items we're keeping and buying.

Judith Jones, Market Editor
What to keep, ditch, and buy for summer



"I'm having a massive closet detox this summer. One thing I'm saying goodbye to is corduroy—my dresses and skirts that feel too heavy for the sweltering L.A. summer heat. I'll be keeping my lightweight floral midi dresses instead (perfect for every summer soirée on my Google Cal), and I'll be investing in a trendy pistachio-hue jumpsuit—a huge color trend for fall."

Kat Collings, Editor in Chief
Kat Collings Instagram



"I'm ditching pearl hair clips. What can I say? They've become oversaturated! I'm keeping pearl jewelry. Pearls are so pretty; I can't reject the whole category, even though they've been trending hard. I'm buying square-toe boots. I may be a little early on the boot train given summer has just started, but I see summer's square-toe sandal trend giving way to a resurgence of square-toe boots in the fall."

Anna LaPlaca, Assistant Editor
What to wear for summer 2019



"I'm donating my off-the-shoulder tops and dresses in favor of fresher summertime neckline situations. I have a number of dresses with tiny spaghetti straps that feel very '90s, an aesthetic that's everywhere right now, so I'll be keeping those in rotation and shopping for one-sleeve and one-shoulder tops because there are so many cool options to choose from."

Lauren Eggertsen, Editor
What clothes to buy in 2019



"This summer, I am donating all the super-frilly, peasanty dresses I wore to death last year. Instead, I'm buying more versatile yet exciting separates like this slime green slip skirt from The Line by K. I also plan on keeping all my animal-print pieces on heavy rotation this season and even have a few new pieces on my shopping list. If you ask me, that print isn't going anywhere any time soon."

Nicole Akhtarzad Eshaghpour, Market Editor
Trust Me, Buy This Instagram



"In a recent effort to clear out my closet for the season ahead, I decided it was finally time to part ways with my chunky, dad sneakers. However, I'll be keeping strappy sandals in my rotation for as long as there's not snow on the ground in NYC, and I think my next big buy for the season ahead will have to be this little top from Georgia Alice—wow."

Kristen Nichols, Managing Editor
Who What Wear editors



"Right now, I'm donating my cropped denim since I've been wearing longer silhouettes instead. As for what I'm holding onto, I've been wearing puffy sleeves for seasons now, and I don't plan on quitting them any time soon. And what am I buying for the summer ahead? Square-toe shoes are topping my list—especially these from Bottega Veneta, which are destined to be the next It shoe."

Allyson Payer, Editor
Who What Wear editor Instagram



"Despite the heat, I still wear jeans in the summer. That said, I just donated a very large stack of cropped flares, but my loose, 'dad' jeans aren’t going anywhere. I've been buying long shorts to wear when it's just too sweltering for jeans."

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