Everything Who What Wear Editors Are Keeping, Ditching, and Buying This Season

Hard fact about us: We have limited closet space, which is often the case when you live in NYC or L.A., as most of our editors do. Since it is what it is, we have to find other ways to make room for new pieces each season, which means—you guessed it—we have to ditch (as in, donate or sell) outdated pieces or pieces that we're over. Accordingly, we're taking the term spring-cleaning quite literally and rapidly making room for our newly acquired pieces.

We're not sure if it's just us, but there seem to be even more highly enticing trends than usual to try this season. With trends in the mix like tie-dye, crochet, sporty sandals, and all the beautiful beige, spring 2019 is shaping up to be a very Instagram-worthy season. So in case you need a little closet-cleaning or shopping inspiration for the season, all of us Who What Wear fashion editors are divulging what we're keeping, ditching, and buying for spring. Scroll to shop all the things we're taking a trip to Goodwill to make room for.