I'm a Fashion Editor Living In L.A., and These 8 Trends Are Everywhere Right Now


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I've lived in Los Angeles for 15 years, so it's safe to say I've adopted a number of Angeleno customs, including a daily Erewhon smoothie habit, weekly hikes, and regular sweaty yoga sessions. This also holds true of my fashion choices. Denim and tank tops are essentially a second skin, I wear sandals year-round, and a leather jacket is the warmest jacket I ever need to own.

As a fashion editor, I'm always keeping my eyes on the trends L.A. is embracing from season to season, and today I'm sharing the styles that are prominent in the City of Angels right now.

Whether you want to emulate the West Coast's laid-back approach to chic style or are hungry to learn which trends to add to your lineup this season, keep scrolling for the eight summer trends people in L.A. can't stop wearing.

Maxi Skirts


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If there's one 2023 trend that's caught on with the L.A. fashion crowd this spring and summer, it's maxi skirts, which lean into the laid-back Cali vibe perfectly. Easy to dress up or down, denim maxis, in particular, are everywhere right now.



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Easy and effortless vests are trending in L.A. right now. Whether styled with sleek and polished tailored trousers or casual shorts, the fashion crowd is reaching for the suit separate on repeat to instantly elevate their looks.



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Baggy Jeans


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When it comes to denim trends, baggy and loose jeans are reigning supreme in L.A. From relaxed low-rise styles to polished high-waisted trouser silhouettes, the trend is dominating on the streets of L.A.



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Big & Bold Earrings


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Angelenos know the power of accessories to add a fashion-forward touch to their basics. Right now, it's all about big and bold '80s-inspired earrings. Style them with jeans and a tank this summer for a trend-forward L.A. look.



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White Pants


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Whether cargo, tailored, or high-waisted, L.A. fashion girls keep a collection of white pants at the ready for day-to-night dressing. It leans into that warm-weather vibe that's such a hallmark of the city. Style them with contrasting black and tan hues. 



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Sheer and transparent fabrics are a big trend this summer, and the L.A. fashion crowd have been quick to adopt the trend opting for sleek see-through tops, mesh skirts, and lacy dresses.



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Flatform Sandals


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Comfy and cool, flatform sandals continue to dominate in L.A. this summer. Style them with a miniskirt to show off the easy shoe.



Open-Knit Dresses


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From beach days to desert getaways, the L.A. fashion set is all about crochet and open knit dresses. They're perfect for the warm-weather season.



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