6 Summer Trends L.A. Girls Actually Wear Year-Round

L.A. Fashion Staples



I moved to Los Angeles from the midwest three years ago, and it changed my life in almost every way imaginable, including the way I dress and the way I think about fashion. I was immediately influenced—and still am influenced—by the transformative style of L.A. girls. They look effortlessly cool while wearing trendy athleisure pieces to run errands or meet for weekend brunch. (For this type of outfit, a green juice seems to be their favorite accessory.) However, when it's time to go to work or meet friends for a night out, they just as easily pull off posh blazers, silk dresses, structural heels, and other elevated items.

To me, L.A. girls are experts at curating an all-encompassing wardrobe—one that mixes the most casual pieces with the most glamorous ones. It's as if they have an outfit for any situation, no matter how low- or highbrow it may be. This inspired me to broaden the range of my own closet. Soon after I settled into my new city, I started shopping and dressing accordingly. Now that I feel more in tune with L.A. style, I've noticed something else. Thanks to SoCal's moderately temperate climate, I'm able to wear almost any item year-round. I no longer have to separate my closet into winter and summer wardrobes like I used to back home. Keep scrolling to see the items I've added to my own closet since moving to L.A. These six summer trends are worn all year round in the City of Angels.

1. Bike Shorts

In L.A., which is known for its health-conscious residents, staying active is the norm. As such, L.A. girls are experts when it comes to wearing trendy athleisure-inspired outfits. The most popular athleisure piece they wear has to be bike shorts. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but they're also extremely versatile. Since bike shorts can be paired with almost any top—from sweatshirts and tank tops to button-downs and peasant blouses—L.A. girls wear them to work out, hike, run errands, and even just grab brunch.

Outdoor Voices can do no wrong. These peachy-pink bike shorts have a high-waisted fit.

Black bike shorts are classic, but I like the idea of switching it up and wearing a white pair.

2. Short-Sleeve Button-Down Shirts

L.A. girls give the classic Hawaiian shirt a cool spin with modern prints. They wear them with jeans and sneakers in the winter, midi skirts and Bermuda shorts in the summer and fall, and shorts and miniskirts in the summer. What's more is button-downs can be tied up to create a cropped look, tucked into high-waisted bottoms, or worn down in the classic breezy style.

The breezy, boxy shape and palm tree print make this the perfect weekend shirt. 

Song of Style's clothing line is beloved by fashion girls everywhere. This button-down is particularly popular among the L.A. fashion crowd. I love the contrasting panels and tropical print.

3. Oval Sunglasses

Cat-eye sunglasses are still proving popular, but oval shapes have certainly surpassed them among the L.A. fashion crowd. Influencers and celebs wear oval-shaped sunnies all year round here. I like them because they're flattering to most face shapes, complementary to most outfits, and make me think of Harry Styles, who's a particularly big proponent of the trend.

Anine Bing's sunglasses are the epitome of L.A. cool girl, and this black oval pair is no exception.

If you really want to step up your accessory game, slip on these lilac sunnies before stepping out into the sun. There's no better time to buy them, seeing as they're currently 50% off.

4. Animal Print

Whether it's leopard, snake, or cow print, L.A. girls love a bold animal print. Incorporate this SoCal-approved trend into your wardrobe with an animal-print midi skirt, denim jacket, or handbag. Depending on the item and the style you choose, you can wear this trend in any season.

If you're print-averse, opt for a small printed accessory, like this crossbody bag. It's an easy way to incorporate the trend into your wardrobe without overwhelming your love of muted basics. 

How sleek is this leopard-print bodysuit? Pair it with black trousers, a midi skirt, or jeans.

5. Wide-Brimmed Hats

This is L.A. we're talking about, where the sun shines almost every single day of the year (except lately—the June gloom is real). To keep their faces and shoulders protected from the intense sun, L.A. girls love to wear wide-brimmed hats. They work as well at brunch as they do on the beach.

ASN is my favorite hat brand. Each hat is designed in L.A. and handmade in Mexico. 

This dramatic black fedora will literally give you a feather in your cap.

6. Slip Dresses

Slip dresses aren't unique to SoCal, but they're certainly beloved by Los Angeles It girls. They wear them alone or over a short-sleeve tee when it's warm, and over long-sleeved tees and sweaters when it gets colder. They prove that this '90s staple is as stylish and versatile as ever.

There's something about a slinky cowl-neck slip dress that makes me feel like a singer at a jazz club in the '40s, and I love it. I've taken a special liking to this one thanks to its rich ocher color. 

For a more casual take on the slip dress trend, try a shorter, printed version. It feels more appropriate for daytime. Plus, it will be nice and cool for wearing when the temperatures rise. 

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