The 9 Brands Every Sneaker Lover Always Has in Her Closet

With so many different types of shoes in the world, it can be hard to choose just one to focus on. However, if you've been paying attention to the latest footwear trends to reign supreme, you'll notice a particular style that's been taking the fashion world by storm: sneakers.

Yes, in the sea of stiletto heels, polished mules, classic loafers, and other undoubtedly chic options, sneakers have made their way into the spotlight, and if we're being honest, no one's upset about it.

Best sneaker brands



The number of sneakers in a fashion lover's closet will vary from person to person, but if you're starting to curate a sizeable collection of your own, there are some household names you should never go without.

If you're wondering just what these names are, we rounded up the best sneaker brands to keep in your closet. And don't worry—we pulled together our favorite picks from each one, too. Scroll on down to see the must-have sneaker brands every fashion lover owns.

1. Adidas

Of all the classic sneaker brands out there, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't know Adidas (or at least recognize the brand's iconic 3-stripe design). From sleek, everyday styles to chunky fashion-forward options, this brand has it all.

2. Converse

Converse has always been known for its signature Chuck Taylor sneakers, which has taken on a number of different iterations over the years. From low-tops and high-tops to sneaker boots and everything else, you'll always find the brand's signature style in its shoes.

3. Keds

If you're looking simple, chic sneakers to wear with anything on your more casual days, opt for a pair of Keds. Whether you go with the brand's classic Champion sneakers or another style, you won't go wrong here.

4. Nike

It wouldn't be a roundup of the best sneaker brands without mentioning Nike, which has become a household name in the world of sneakers and activewear. Get yourself a vintage-inspired pair or one of its many iconic styles like the Air Force 1 or the Air Max.

5. Puma

Pumas have been a favorite among It girls everywhere, and for good reason: The brand creates vibrant sneakers that make a statement. Opt for one of the sleek sneakers with your favorite pair of jeans or go for a chunkier style if you're feeling bold.

6. Superga

Superga first made a name for itself with its minimalist-approved design and color palette. Since then, the brand has not only collaborated with a number of designers to expand its offerings, but it's also created unique iterations of its most popular styles.

7. Tretorn

You can count on Tretorn to have a full selection of streamlined classic sneakers that carry a sporty touch without feeling overly athletic. Style these sneakers with everything from straight-leg jeans to printed midi dresses.

8. Vans

For those who want an edge of California cool, Vans is the brand from you. With its skater heritage and iconic designs, these will undoubtedly add a California spirit to any ensemble.

9. Veja

Want a sustainable option to add to the mix? Start with Veja, which makes a range of shoes that subtly feel as if they're from another time. Go for one of the brand's sleeker options or wear a hybrid style, like its Hiking Style Sneakers from its collaboration with Rick Owens.

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