The WWW Summer 2021 Playlist (Featuring Matching Outfits, Of Course)

We've talked plenty about the fashion for the summer, and for good reason. Swimwear, vacation outfits, colorful accessories—there's a whole lot to love. But while making plans in the sun has been long overdue, you also have to make sure you've got your playlist ready. Whether you use Apple Music or Spotify, you must have your go-to songs chosen and queued up to set the tone for the season ahead. We've done the same—except we've taken it a little deeper than just music.

There are a few songs on the charts right now that not only make you feel good but have the power to make you want to be a part of the song itself. Don't you remember as a kid in the backseat of your parent's car, listening to the radio and pretending you were in a music video? We've rounded up songs that capture that feeling because the best kind of music is the one that can completely transform your mood. Olivia Rodrigo will make you want to feel like a teenager again, Dua Lipa will have you prepared for the perfect night out, and Lorde's latest single will have you ready for the beach in no time. We've relayed the six songs that give us those "experiences" below, and of course, featured the sartorial choices to match. (We are still a fashion site, after all.)

When Lorde sang "Can you reach me? No, you can't"—I immediately imagine myself on a beach, avoiding reality at all costs. The sun is out, and Lorde is back. With lyrics about the warm sand and turning down plans to go to the beach, it truly is an anthem for the summer. Time to get your warm-weather attire on and head towards the water.


@aminamuaddi @dualipa; Getty Images; Courtesy of Area

Going for a night out is finally a thing again, and there's no other song that'll get you in a better mood than "Levitating." It inspires the exact kind of look you want for the party of your dreams—revenge heels, glitter details, and pops of shocking colors. Dua Lipa understands the vibe completely, as her performance looks have no shortage of crystals and glamour. Just put the song on, and you'll immediately be put in a good mood. It's irresistible. 


@oliviarodrigo; Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

When Olivia Rodrigo first released "Good 4 U", it seemed like everyone I follow on social media wanted to be a teenager again. And for good reason, Rodrigo took the "angsty ex-girlfriend" look, and instead of opposing it, she embraced it with an added nod to the aesthetic of the '2000s horror film Jennifers Body. She mixes pop-punk attire with a Y2K flair, and I immediately want to dress like I'm 5 years younger after listening.


@sallyomo, Getty Images; Courtesy of Reformation

Summer isn't all about partying and going out—sometimes it's about the more slow days to yourself, which is what Taylor Swift's "Folklore" album brought to the table. "August" is a fan favorite off the album and for valid reasons. While it tells the story of a love triangle, there's no way to describe it but bittersweet. Like the rest of the album, the song makes us want to put on our favorite summer dress and ponder outdoors while reflecting on our feelings. 


@theestallion @champagnemani; Courtesy of Frankies Bikinis; With Jean

Would it really be a summer playlist without this song in the mix? If there's any way to kick off the season of "living your best life" it's this one. We even wrote a whole story about the trends that capture the look completely.


Getty Images; Courtesy of Vivienne Westwood; Jeffrey Campbell

Pop-Punk is certainly not a new genre, but it's back like it never left. While figures like Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly are the current faces of the scene, Willow Smith shows her punk side with her latest song, accompanied with a fashionable touch of spikes, leather, and a whole lot of plaid.

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